6 Things that Make the South Unique

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Things that make you want to travel to the south.

Southern hospitality is real

The stories you’ve heard are true. No one knows how to make a person feel welcome like a Southerner. When you come into our house, it’s important we make you feel like you belong there. Family is still important here—that’s why nobody ever misses Sunday dinner—but “family” doesn’t just mean kin. The moment you step foot in the South, you’re one of us. And we take care of our own.

All the best music is from here

Elvis Presley is from the South. What else do you need to know? This is where rock ‘n’ roll was born, and this is still where it lives. Take a trip to Memphis and see for yourself. And rock isn’t the only genre born in the South. From the blues down in Mississippi to the jazz of New Orleans to the country music that still rules Nashville, nowhere in America has a more diverse and impressive musical pedigree than the South.

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Snow? What the heck is that?

It’s almost always a beautiful day in the South. Whether you’re riding horseback in Texas or catching some rays on a beach in Florida, one thing you don’t ever have to worry about is buying a snow shovel. It might get a little humid, but at least you don’t have to dig your car out from under two feet of ice.

We speak our own language

Oh sure, it might sound to the untrained ear like Southerners speak English, but listen closer and you’ll realize we have a special vernacular all our own. I reckon it’s not just that we start a lot of sentences with “I reckon.” For instance, “More than Carter’s little pills” is a common way of denoting a lot of something, even though no one seems to know who Carter is or why he has so many pills. “Well, I s’wanee” is our version of “Well, I swear.” And then there’s the classic “Bless your heart,” which is the most polite way of insulting someone you’ll probably ever hear.

Southern cuisine is good eatin’

Nobody knows how to make your taste buds swoon like a Southern chef, or a Southern grandma. One taste of country gravy will make you understand why we put it on everything, and a mouthful of Missouri barbecue will have even the staunchest Yankee thinking about Kansas City houses for sale. Last but not least, no meal is complete without some fresh, hot, oven-baked biscuits. Mm-mmm.

We keep history in our hearts

You can hardly walk a block in the South without passing a historical monument, a lovingly preserved turn-of-the-century manor house, a miraculously still-standing Civil War fort, or a hallowed Native American site of worship. That closeness to history is something few places make such a concerted effort to maintain, and the result is a culture where legacy and heritage are never far from our thoughts.

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