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A Letter to My Late in Life Friend

You’re my late in life friend. 

The friend I didn’t know I needed. 

The friend my soul was searching for. 

The friend I found when I least expected it.

Life has a funny way of showing you what you need

I never knew about late in life friends before I met you. I knew there were a number of other types of friendships. You have your childhood friends, your high-school friends, your college friends, your family friends. There are a couple other kinds of friendships that come along because you have things in common, like kids on the same team. Generally you make these kinds of friends through work or other places you frequent. Most of the time these people are mere acquaintances whom you refer to as friends because you manage to hang out twice a year. Overall, adult friendships are a flop. Even though you won’t admit it, you’re too busy to even get time to yourself as an adult. How the heck do you make time for adult friends?

The relationship between my late in life friend and I exists 99% over the phone. In a way she is like my modern day penpal. We live hundreds of miles and multiple states apart, but that has no bearing on us. I talk to her on a daily basis. We are at very different points in our lives, but that hasn’t caused a single bump in the road.

Defying the odds

This friendship clearly defies all of the long-distance relationship odds.

You’re my late in life friend. We met through mutual friends. My husband knew your boyfriend, and you came down to attend one of his work events. We were unable to spend much time together during that weekend, and our friendship really blossomed after you left.

You’re the friend I didn’t know I needed. You’re quiet while I am loud. Your personality is easy-going while mine can be extremely uptight.

You’re the friend my soul was searching for. You’re my biggest fan. You love my pup and my son just as I do. You’re my everyday cheerleader. 

You’re the friend I found when I least expected it. I wasn’t looking for a friend. I was a wife, a mom, and a ‘volen-told’ caretaker to a group of single soldiers, and quite frankly I didn’t want anyone else in my circle. {A story for another time for sure}

I can’t tell you enough just how thankful I am for you, my adult best friend.

Late in life friends are such a blessing because their maturity allows them to understand what you’re going through. And they’re not your typical adult friend… They’re not someone that you see once or twice a year and vow to get coffee with, but never do. 

These people are the friends that you go out of your way to talk to. The conversation doesn’t end after asking how they are. 

Late in life friends are the ones you ensure will have a spot in your future. You make plans with them, and you both have all intentions of carrying those plans out. They don’t judge you for who you were earlier in your life because they’re focused on the person you are now. They know you for the adult you are, and don’t care about the things you’ve done, or the things you didn’t do. You can share your past without fear of judgement. You can laugh together over childish mistakes.

We are at two different points in our lives, but being late in life friends allows for that. We are beyond the times of not being able to be friends due to our differences. I’m married with a baby, and she is single in college. It simply doesn’t matter. These differences give us more to talk about. 

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To my sweet friend Becky

My only regret about my late in life friend is that I wasn’t lucky enough to know them my whole life.

If you haven’t figure it out already, this is for you Becky. Thank you for being such an incredible woman and amazing best friend. 

Tell your adult friends how much they mean to you. They stick with you through career changes, children, the loss of loved ones, and so much more. 

Your late and life friends will be the best friends you have ever had.

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