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A Reminder Letter Addressed to Working Moms

A reminder letter for grace and positivity that is addressed to working moms of all kinds. #wahm #sahm #kindess #remindersformoms #motherhood

A letter to all of the hardworking mothers in the world. These are gentle reminders for working moms that you’re incredible people.

Working mom {noun} : The toughest of all people, more arms than an octopus, superior strength that is superhuman.

Encouragement for mothers that work outside of the home as well as those that are stay at home moms. Motherhood is challenging.

A reminder for these working mothers

Working on your fitness mom

Working on your degree mom

Working to raise a decent human mom

Working on your own business mom

Working on raising kids alone mom

Working on yourself mom

Working on packing lunches mom

Working to make ends meet mom

Working on raising kids with a deployed spouse mom

Working more than one job mom

Working on raising adopted children mom

Working on an earlier bedtime mom

Working on taking time for yourself mom

Working for a corporate business mom

Working on your temper mom

Working on raising your grandchildren mom

Working on your laundry mom

Working late into the night mom

Working on postpartum recovery mom

Working on fixing the haircut your children gave themselves mom

Working on potty training mom

Working on just getting them through school mom

Working on not pulling your hair out mom

Working with terrible tantrums mom

Working on growing your baby mom

Working on your kids science project the night before its due mom

Working on not feeling guilty about self care mom

Working with an independent teenager mom

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My maternity photoshoot on Tybee island in the sand during a bright orange sunset.

Dear working moms,

I see you. I know you fit in one of the working mom categories.

 You’re a good mom.

You may feel like an overlooked mom.. An unappreciated and overworked mom.

At the end of the day, you’re doing great, mom.

It isn’t an easy job to be a mom. You constantly feel in the spotlight, whether you ask for it or not. One day it’s good to feed your kid bananas, and then the very next day bananas are the worst thing in the world. 

Take a minute and look in the mirror. If you are doing everything you can, then you are doing an amazing job. You have your hands full whether you have one baby or five. Stop doubting your abilities. Children can be frustrating. Teenagers can be frustrating. Adult children can be frustrating. Before they learn to talk, they make you cry because you can’t figure out what is wrong. After they learn to talk, they make you cry because they start telling you no. 

You’re not overly emotional. You’re human.

You’re not just human, you’re a working mom. You’re a professional juggler, one baby in the grocery cart and one on your hip. You’re a living agenda, delivering kids to practice and appointments across town from each other. You’re an alarm clock, racing to grab book bags to get four kids to school fed and on time.

Before becoming a mother myself, I never realized the amount of sacrifice involved in motherhood. Be easier on yourself. You are doing amazing things.

Stop looking around and comparing yourself to other mothers.

Take that bubble bath. Drink that fourth cup of coffee. Eat that piece of cake. Lock that bathroom door.

Do something for yourself, you deserve it. 


Your biggest fan

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  • Ashley P.

    This was an amazing post. I am not a mother yet, but I smiled with every word that you wrote. In my recent reflection in who I am grateful for during this season, I mentioned women. The examples you gve are one of the reasons I wanted to give a shout-out to women. They are some of the strongest people I know. I hope that this post is seen by whatever mother needs to hear this in her life.

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