What is an Army Ranger?

I know that one day that my son will ask. He will want to know more about what is dad does. 

I’ll tell him the stories of how awesome his childhood was while we were stationed in Savannah. I’ll brag about the 1st Ranger Battalion family. 

I’ll tell him the truth. I’ll tell him all about what an Army Ranger is.

American Trigger Pullers picture of the 3 orange diamonds.
American Trigger Puller's picture of their orange diamond product.

An Army Ranger is a tan beret. 

It is a pair of black chucks that you wear with everything. 

It is a deployment homecoming without the fancy photographers and party.

It’s a pair of Ranger panties.

It is a scroll AND a tab.

It’s RLTW.

It is three battalions.

It’s a yearly deployment.

It is 1st Ranger Battalion perimeter runs. 

It’s knowing Ryan Davis was a bad ass long before the world knew. 

It is the Ranger Creed.

It’s a community that recognizes the names and faces of their fallen brothers every single year.

It is Ranger School.

It’s walking in the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade with a red lipstick kiss on your cheek.

It is an orange diamond.

It’s one for the Airborne Ranger in the sky. 

It is knowing who Ricky Potts is.

It’s the Best Ranger Competition.

It is knowing what ‘The Suck’ is. 

It’s the annual Turkey Bowl.

It is the Ranger curse that only brings daughters.

It’s the gnats that bug spray can’t get rid of.

It is the sand spurs that you never saw.

It’s the Ranger compound.

It is the countdown to Darby pass.

It’s the 75th Ranger Regiment.

It is training after training that is held at Fort Benning.

It’s the sun, lightning bolt, and star.

It is the ocean jumps conducted by Savannah’s Army Rangers.

It’s RASP.

It is Airborne School.

It’s the Ranger monument.

It is Ranger Joes or Commandos.

It’s Ranger Street in Savannah.

It was nights spent at Kevin Barry’s.

It’s the wild hogs that run through the range at Fort Stewart.

It is non profits like Gold Star Scholars that are created by Rangers.

It’s wives that are just as tough as their husbands.

It is a community that immediately springs up to help when there is a need.

It’s saving your money to order everything from Savage Tactical.

An Army Ranger is a lot of things, but at the end of the day it is a group of  men that fight the good fight.

Army Rangers are a specialized military group. These men are top of the line soldiers.

So when my son asks, and I know he will.. I’ll tell him the truth. 

I’ll brag about what makes a man an Army Ranger.. What made his father an Army Ranger.

You can read all about Army Rangers in a book, but until you’ve experienced the community first-hand.. you won’t get it. 

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