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The Truth About Disposable Baby Diapers

The truth about disposable baby diapers.. Not all brands are the same. #babyproducts #babydiapers #disposablebabydiapers #pampers #huggies #hellobello #motherhood

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve stumbled down the baby diaper isle, completely flabbergasted at all the different brands..

What made corporations think I needed one more thing to make motherhood more complicated?

First I had to learn about breast pumps, cribs, and toys, and now here I am wondering about baby diapers.

Product Comparisons for 5 Major Diaper Companies

To make your life a little easier, I chose 5 popular diaper brands to review. 

All of the baby diaper brands in the review are companies that produce their products in the USA.

The brands are not reviewed in any particular order. I had these brands on hand from my baby shower, so I decided to review them for this article.

Huggies baby diapers

  • Fit: Smaller
  • Feel: Typical diaper feel
  • Material: Wood cellulose fiber and sodium polyacrylate  (latex & chlorine free)
  • My personal rating: 3/5
  • One con for this brand is that Huggies diapers seem to fit more narrow than other brands. 

The Honest Company baby diapers

  • Fit: Normal
  • Feel: A little stiff in comparison to typical diapers
  • Material: Sodium polyacrylate, chlorine free wood pulp, polymer spandex, polyolefin, citrus extract, liquid chlorophyll (latex & perfume free)
  • My personal rating: 5/5
  • You can buy these through subscription or on Amazon.
  • One con for this brand is that the diapers are more expensive and feel more stiff than other brands.

Member’s Mark baby diapers

  • Fit: Normal fit
  • Feel: Typical diaper feel
  • Materials: (latex and perfume free)
  • My personal rating: 4/5
  • One con to this brand is that the diapers are only available in very large quantities & you have to have a Sam’s Club membership to purchase them. *Editing to add that you can purchase these on Amazon, but they are cheaper in the store!*

Up & Up baby diapers

  • Fit: The newborn size seemed slimmer, but larger sizes seemed to be typical diaper width.
  • Feel: Typical diaper feel
  • Materials: Wood fluff pulp, cotton, aloe & vitamin E in the inner liner (latex free) 
  • My personal rating: 4/5
  • One con to this brand is that it is only available for purchase through Target and / or Target Online since it is their store brand. *Editing to say these are available on Amazon, but quantities are limited in comparison to what is available directly through Target!*

Pampers baby diapers

  • Fit: Typical diaper fit
  • Feel: Typical diaper feel
  • Materials: Polypropylene, wood pulp, polyethylene, polyester, synthetic rubber, and gel (latex free)
  • My personal rating: 5/5
  • One con to Pamper’s is that it is one of the most expensive brands on the market.

What are these materials?

Now that you’ve looked over my reviews, I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck some of those materials are..

Well, Polyethylene and Polyprothelene are both plastics. Polyacrylate is the absorbent gel that it is a compound in some diapers. 

Even The Honest Company diapers have a layer of those plastics in their materials, although they are not as large of a percentage as other diaper companies.

Interested in knowing something about a diaper company I didn’t mention above?

Please, leave me a request in the comments and I’ll start doing my research!

Disclaimer: This article has some affiliate links in it. I will receive a small commission on some of the purchases made through these links, but that is at no extra cost to you. You can read more about this on my policies and disclaimers page here. Thank you for your support!

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