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The Best Baby Registry Sites

The best baby registry sites AND ones to avoid! Take the stress off of preparing for your baby shower by using a user-friendly platform. #motherhood #babyregistry #babyplanning #babyregistrymusthaves #pregnancy #babyshowerideas #virtualbabyshower

The days of running around between stores, and carrying around a brick-sized scanner and making your baby registry are a thing of the past (thank goodness).

As cute as it was to see expecting mothers wobbling through the isles adding things to their registries, you could tell by the empty bag of popcorn and two Starbucks frappes in their carts that their husbands were WAY beyond ready to leave.

Now, baby registries can easily be setup and maintained completely online, saving you a ton of time and gas.

The best online baby registries to use for your baby shower gift guide. #amazonbabyregistry #babyregistry #babyshowergifts

I did a lot of research into online registries before developing my own, so I decided to share everything I discovered with all of you!

Be sure to check out my insights on diaper brands as well before you start putting things on your wishlist.

Target’s baby registry site

Being a target lover, it was a no brainer that the first registry I went after was theirs. I quickly downloaded the registry app (different from the cartwheel app if you have that) and began searching products.

Unfortunately, the app stinks. It is really bad. There are very few products on the app for some reason. I was also getting emails on a daily basis telling me that one of the products I added to my registry were no longer available.

After fighting with the app for a few weeks I ditched it all together.

If you are willing to head in store and add products to your registry the old fashion way, then Target’s registry could still be beneficial for you! The benefit to going in store is that Target offers a wonderful token of appreciation for setting up a registry with them. My little gift bag included a sample of their Up&Up diapers, a travel sized lotion, a travel sized bath wash, a bottle, a bunch of coupons, and a few other things.

Amazon’s online baby registry site

If there is a such thing as an Amazon Prime professional, then I’m her! After giving up on Target’s registry I headed over to my favorite website, Amazon. They offer an incredible registry that you can add products to from any other website, including Etsy. You do have to download a widget onto your toolbar on your computer (not available on your phone) to use that feature, but it only takes a few minutes to do. However, you can add products directly from amazon to your registry on your mobile phone. 

Similarly to Target’s registry, amazon offers an awesome welcome box. My box had travel sized samples of bath products, coupons, a high-quality swaddle blanket, and a few other things. Amazon also offers 10% off on qualifying products from your registry after your baby shower, so you can purchase all the wonderful things you weren’t gifted. 

Babylist’s online baby registry

I looked into a Babylist registry when I ditched Target, but I never committed to using it. Babylist has the same universal feature that amazon does without the hassle of downloading a widget. Unlike the other two registry systems, Babylist adds products to your registry and displays a price comparison between a couple different stores, so your guest can see where all the product is offered and the price at different locations.

Instead of purchasing things straight off of your registry, your guests can ‘reserve’ the product they want to buy you. A friend of mine used Babylist, and the registry had a very clean and user friendly site from a guest standpoint. You can use this registry on your phone or computer. They offer a new mommy box just like the other two baby registries that I recommended. 

Of course there are many other registry options outside of the few that I’ve mentioned here.

Did you use something else and care to share your opinions on it?

Leave me a comment and let me know! I’d love to share all of your recommendations with my expecting mama readers.

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