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How to Balance Work and Entertainment

When you are in college you learn to balance work with a social life. You skip a few hours of studying for a trip to the local spot. (Hello Supdogs if you are an East Carolina University or a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student). Those few hours of studying might drop your test grade a few points, but you had a great time and you do not chalk the situation up to be the end of the world. AKA if your parents found out they would definitely disagree with you.. but a little party never killed anybody.. right?

When you finish college they throw you out into the world and you have to balance your social life with a whole different form of work. This work pays the bills. This work pays off the mountain of student loans you now have. Yeah I know, you did not ask for that crap, but it surely is not going anywhere until you pay it off!

Choosing your social life over your work in this situation is a much bigger deal. 

You can learn to better balance your social agenda if you follow these 3 tips:

1. Limit your Sunday night social engagements-

Unless you are off on Monday, it is not a good idea to hit the town on Sunday. When you start your week off tired, your entire performance suffers. Not only do you risk being late to work due to sleeping through your alarm, but you are also facing a sluggish brain. Not everyone works a nine to five schedule, but the earlier you have to wake up, the more important it is to get your sleep. Studies have proven that lack of sleep clearly interferes with your livelihood. 

2. Entertain in your home-

When you entertain in your home you set the schedule. There is no waiting for an Uber to head home when you are already there! Another huge plus to having everyone over is that drinks are much cheaper. Should you pay eight dollars for a single beer when you can buy an entire case for fifteen dollars? Absolutely not! Save the money you would have spent at the bar, and use it to buy awesome things to entertain in your home. You need a pool table in your house. There is a professional business that sells pool tables in Atlanta. It is important to use a professional when you are transporting a pool table. Do not get a few people together and stick it in the back of your truck. If you do decide to stick it in your truck, and it gets all ripped up (because that’s the inevitable), then learn your lesson and leave it to the professionals. Reach out to Absolute Billiard Services to have your pool table recovered. They handle more than just recovering pool tables. They sell both new and used pool tables to businesses as well as to the public.

3. Finish your work before going out-

I know this sounds obvious, but for some people it just is not. You think a short break would do you good, and it will, but that short break is not where everything ends. You plan on grabbing lunch and then heading back home to finish what you started, but you do not return home for three hours. Oops! By the time you get back home you relinquished your focus on your work, and you let your social life take over. You start checking your phone, and thinking about all you need to get done outside of your work. Working from home is a double edged sword. Instead of leaving your home, take a thirty minute break away from your work on your porch with a cup of coffee.

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Your boss will thank you for your efforts to be a good employee. They may not know just how great you are getting with scheduling your social life around your work life, but your performance will directly reflect everything you are doing. Great work results in great promotions!

You have to stand your ground in order to make sure you follow through with your plans to see success play out. Do not feel guilty for reminding your friends that you have work the next morning. You know that the job that pays the bills is much more important to you than one night of hanging out with your friends.

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