Being Stationed in Savannah

On a regular basis I see military spouses scouring the Hunter Army Airfield Facebook pages, trying to figure out what they’re getting themselves into being stationed in Savannah.

Like any other military town, there are those that loathe it and those that adore it.

I wanted to share my truth about being stationed in Savannah.

Being stationed in Savannah. Find out what kinds of things this military town has to offer visitors and newcomers.

If you’re looking for information on being stationed at Hunter Army Airfield specifically, then check out my post dedicated to giving you those answers! This post is specifically for life in Savannah.

Who ends up in Savannah?

Hunter Army Airfield is the small military base in Savannah, Georgia. Fort Stewart, that is located in Hinesville, Georgia is about an hour away from Savannah. Many soldiers that find themselves stationed at Fort Stewart head to Savannah to spend their weekends.

I know a number of people that have returned to Savannah after leaving the military lifestyle.. (AKA Leslie, my partner that runs The Lewnited States blog — She might’ve moved back to be closer to me though!)

The positive aspects of being stationed in Savannah

  • The easy beach access is a huge plus to being stationed in Savannah. Tybee Island is relatively small, but it is a beach nonetheless!
  • You are within driving distance to a number of areas that are perfect for a day trip. (Charleston, Atlanta, Disney, Hilton Head Island)
  • Downtown Savannah is only 20 minutes from base and there are always tons of things to do and see, especially on the weekend.
  • Savannah has tons of churches. You can find a number of denominations in the area. There are small churches and megachurches, so it is likely that you will find one that you enjoy.
  • There are Walmarts, Aldis, Krogers, and Publix! Take your pick. Groceries are on every corner.
  • Many of the neighborhoods in the area have pools, but subsequently that means HOA.
  • Richmond Hill, Pooler, Georgetown, Wilmington Island, and Bloomingdale are popular areas to live in around Savannah.
  • There are 2 big dog parks! One is in downtown Savannah and the other is in Richmond Hill.
  • Military support is big within Savannah.
  • The community is good about supporting small businesses.
  • There are multiple places to dock boats around Savannah and Richmond Hill.
  • There is an outlet mall in Pooler, 30 minutes from base.
  • Many houses have back patios.

The negative aspects of being stationed in Savannah

  • I can honestly say that the worst part of Savannah is the biting gnats. Bug spray stands no chance against those pests. I even planted a Citronella plant right beside my patio.
  • The mall that is close to Rio gate is a dead zone with the exception of the Target.
  • There is only 1 way in and out of Richmond Hill, so that area is notorious for traffic jams.
  • The public school system is lacking in Savannah.
  • Larger events downtown require you to pre-purchase a parking spot. (St. Patrick’s Day being one)
  • Housing lots are small in the area. Don’t come here expecting a big yard!
  • If the wind is blowing just right, then you can enjoy the smell of the marsh. (AKA rotten eggs)
  • Most of the houses down here don’t have gutters.. That is still so weird to me!
  • 99% of the housing is built on a slab. There aren’t many basements down here!
  • Before buying a house you have to be super careful that you’re not buying in a flood zone that would require you to purchase the extra flood zone insurance.
  • Houses on Wilmington Island are small, but the price tag is big.

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Savannah in terms of economy

My husband and I moved to Savannah from North Carolina, and we feel like the two states have a similar social feel. Savannah isn’t a huge city like Atlanta, but there are still a ton of things to do in the area and small businesses to support.

Savannah is an extremely affordable city to live in. Based on numbers provided by Zillow in May of 2020, the median rent price is $1350 and the median home value is $167,000. Savannah numbers actually fall below the averages in the state of Georgia. Georgia median rent prices are $1425 and the home values and $206,000.

I’ve seen many military families come and go from Savannah, and homes never stay on the market long.

Who is Savannah good for?

Those that are stationed in Savannah and enjoy living here definitely have an eye for adventure. There are a number of historical sites that are good outing ideas for families as well as couples. You can walk through downtown and see something new every single time.

Savannah is a popular place for holiday events such as St. Patrick’s Day, and the community enjoys large social gatherings. If downtown doesn’t have anything planned for the weekend, then Tybee Island probably does!

Making the most of a military town

Military towns are what you make of them. If you give your town the chance, you may find there are tons of hole in the wall places to explore.

After all, is your town any worse than having to deal with a PCS?! Okay, you totally might feel that way if you’re used to a tropical climate and you end up being stationed in Ft. Drum.

I just don’t believe you should sit around pouting and being miserable because you think where you’re living is undesirable. Treat it like a vacation since you know that WON’T be your forever town. Do some site seeing or drive to nearby towns.

Where are you stationed at? Have you found any cool things to do in your area?

Drop a comment at the bottom of this page and let’s talk about them!

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