How to Spend Less on the Grocery Bill

How to Spend Less on the Grocery Bill

Do you find that it is a hassle to try and spend less on the grocery bill?

Me too! I think shopping for groceries is a tough task before you even add in trying to save money.

By the time you wrangle all the kids into the store, struggle pushing the minivan-sized cart through the isles, and beg everyone to stop arguing, you’re willing to throw anything up on the belt for two seconds of peace and quiet.

Spending less on the grocery bill quickly becomes the last thing on your mind.

How have you tried to save money on your grocery bill? I've listed the 6 easiest tips to use to cut down on the money you spend at the grocery store. The tips are couponing, using rebates, buying in bulk, researching brands, meal planning, and using curbside pickup.

There are easy-to-follow tips that every grocery shopper can benefit from, especially busy parents.

From working moms who don’t have time to cut coupons to stay at home dads who blow the grocery budget every single month on snacks.. There is definitely something here for you.

Tips for spending less on your grocery bill + their honest benefits and drawbacks!

Using coupons

The benefits

What I would recommend in the way of coupons is to see if your preferred grocery store has a loyalty app for your phone. I shop with Kroger and they have one. Sometimes I scroll through the coupons and check out the sales add the night before I head to the store.

It is always exciting to see your total decrease right before you pay.

The shortcomings

I hesitated to add this tip into my list because couponing is much harder than it used to be. I remember the excitement I felt while helping my mom coupon as a child. Wow, that part of my childhood really had me tricked!

By the time you find somewhere to pick up some coupons and cut them out they’re already expired. Cutting coupons is a huge time investment that most families can’t afford. If you’re spending 4 hours to cut coupons, organize them, and find stores to maximize your deal, are you really saving money in the long run? I’m not too sure.

Buying in bulk

The benefits

The less you have to run to the store, the less you’re tempted by things you don’t really need. Bulk buying keeps you at home, and on track. You don’t have to worry about going to the store or eating out because you have a freezer full of quality meats. Along with steering clear of the store for longer, there is usually a discount associate to buying products in bulk.

The shortcomings

Being able to purchase items in bulk requires more storage and more money upfront. Your bill will be higher initially, but you won’t need to return to the store for a longer period of time.

The second issue with bulk buying is the fact that you have to consider purchasing a membership for a store that offers bulk packaged items like Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s. With the money I save on household products and meat, I think the membership is well worth it. I also get heavily discounted gas at Sam’s Club.

Disclaimer: This article has some affiliate links in it. I will receive a small commission on some of the purchases made through these links, but that is at no extra cost to you. You can read more about this on my policies and disclaimers page here. Thank you for your support!

Using rebates

The benefits

Rebates are a great way to save money on your grocery bill if you’re buying things that are offered on the app you’re using. My go to app is Ibotta because you have the option of snapping a picture of your receipt or paying through the app. I’m hesitant to use programs that require you to make purchases through their platform in order to benefit.

The shortcomings

Don’t let rebates tempt you into buying a product you normally wouldn’t purchase just because there is an opportunity for money back. Letting something go to waste doesn’t justify saving fifty cents on it. Rebating also requires a payout system. You won’t get your money back right away. Payouts can be anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars for the average rebate app.

Conducting brand research

The benefits

Stop spending big money on items simply because of their brand name. There are brands that are considered inferior and off brand, but in reality the same company owns both the off brand and name brand!

One example of this is the Walmart brand tin foil. I purchased it because I was running low on tin foil, and I needed a lot of it. I couldn’t justify paying the price for Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil for a one time use project. As it turns out, the Walmart brand tin foil was incredible and came in a much larger roll for the same price as Reynolds Wrap!

The shortcomings

Unfortunately, brand research is more of a trial and error game. On a positive note, I will soon be releasing a huge list of off brand items that are just as incredible as their branded counterparts! You’ll know that those items are worthwhile, and you won’t be taking a risk when you purchase them.

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Meal planning

The benefits

Meal planning not only helps you evaluate how healthy you’re eating, but it also helps you curate your grocery list. With your grocery list planned out you can easily click list your items, and have them brought out to your car. No more strolling aimlessly down the isles at the grocery store hoping something will suddenly sound like a good idea for dinner. Start planning out your meals and you’ll find that your family eats healthier.

The shortcomings

Meal planning doesn’t necessarily save you money on the grocery bill, but it does save you money on your bills as a whole. If you’ve planned out your meals and bought in bulk, then you’re not going to go out to eat. That hundred dollars you spent on groceries will stretch much further than one hundred dollars eating out.

Utilizing curbside pickup

The benefits

I’m sure you’ve heard about curbside grocery pickup, it is the new fad! If you shop at a store that offers free curbside pickup, then this is an excellent way to cut your grocery bill AND save yourself time.

Some stores offer free pickup as long as you spend a certain amount of money. Recently, Kroger began offering free pickup due to the pandemic. Before COVID-19 came around, you could pick your groceries up for free as long as you spent $35. My monthly grocery budget is $250, so it was easy for me to consider that a great incentive. I find myself saving more money by using curbside pickup because I’m not walking into the store hungry, as I often do.

You’re telling me I don’t have to wrangle my toddler inside, walk aimlessly through the isles, nor fight checkout lines?! As an added bonus you’ll load the groceries into my car for me? Sign me up for a time slot!

The shortcomings

One downside to this method of grocery shopping is that there are a limited number of daily time slots. Evening slots fill up quickly. If you’re someone who is particular about your grocery brands then make sure you don’t choose the option for ‘replaceable item’. In the event that the item you added is out of stock and you marked it as replaceable, then they will not only choose a different brand, but I’ve ended up with a completely different flavor.. I ordered blueberry cream cheese and they gave me SALMON!

You’re not saving money if you end up with groceries that you won’t eat. Instead of marking the item as replaceable, consider having it removed from your list if it is out of stock. Some risks aren’t worth taking, haha!

Which of these tips are you going to be using to spend less on the grocery bill this month?!

If you’ve found a money saving hack for cutting the grocery bill that doesn’t require a ton of extra effort, then I would love to hear about it!

Leave me a comment below, or shoot me an email to have your tip added into this article!

How to cut your grocery bill in half. I have suggestions that will help you get your personal finances in check and on the right track to saving money for the long haul! Start your budgeting by spending less of your hard earned money at the grocery store. Curbside grocery pickup could be saving you hundreds every month. If you want to adjust your budget and spend less on groceries and eating out every month, then you'll benefit from hearing my tips on buying in bulk, using coupons, and doing brand research! 6 savings tips for your family's grocery budget. If you want to spend less on groceries, then you need to know how to play the game like a thrifty shopper! Stop paying full price for things you can get discounted. Save big with these grocery shopping tips for busy parents! You don't have to dedicate hours of time in order to be able to shop like a thrifty mama!
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