Collaboration Interests

I am always interested in collaborating. I strongly believe in collaboration over competition!

I instill trust in my audience by only posting my truthful opinions.

Before you consider collaborating with me, please make sure you are following my social media accounts. I want to know that you understand my insights and knowledge, and the collaboration is genuine.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linked-in

For collaboration interests, please contact me by email.

My email is [email protected]

We can also easily collaborate through Tailwind tribes. Click here for a free month of Tailwind publisher and $15 credit towards a paid account. I have a number of Tailwind tribes that I am ALWAYS accepting new members for! Tailwind gives you the opportunity to broadcast your social media posts where a number of other bloggers can re-pin them easily on Pinterest. You are welcome to join any and all of my tribes.

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Small Business Spotlight Posts

I generally publish my Small Business Spotlight posts on Sundays. There is almost always a wait time to be featured.

Please understand, before reaching out to me, that I only feature one business per blog post as well as a only featuring a single post per Sunday to ensure each company is awarded their respective time in the spotlight!

small business spotlight digital design

Small businesses are SO important, and I intend to promote and support as many as I can! Keep an eye out for the picture on the left, so that you can do the same thing. Do you have a small business that you love?! Do you run your own small business?! Then what are you waiting on?! Reach out to me!

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run! Do you sew? Are you a bar tender? Do you run an electrical company? Are you a plumber?

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