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Over 60 Ideas for Family-Friendly Activities

Extended school breaks make parents desperate for fun family-friendly activities.

This Corona Virus caught us all by surprise. The news was covering the tragedy while it was striking other countries, but we were naive enough to think we would be spared. 

Welp, we weren’t….

I’ve been working diligently to put together a list of quarantine activities to help moms and dads survive. The kids will survive.

But you? Well lets just hope people don’t start hoarding the wine like they do the toilet paper.

Not all of the family-friendly activities I’ve listed will be totally enjoyable for your kids, but they’re a great way to pass the time and get them to stop repeating that they’re sooo bored.

There is no better time than now than to have your kids start helping you with chores.

Inside Activities

I live on the coast in Georgia, so my family plays outside year around! There are many families that live up North that can’t enjoy time spent outside due to extremely cold and snowy weather. You can still have tons of fun when you’re stuck inside. Add these fun activity ideas to your to-do list!

Inside/ Outside Activities

If you’re looking for outdoor ideas that can be carried inside if the weather is too hot, then look no further! Don’t worry about rain on the way when you have activities that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Outside Activities

Too much time inside can make kids lose their minds. When the sun is shining bright, there is exploring to be done outside. Don’t settle for opening up the windows when you can be hunting insects on a scavenger hunt through the great outdoors with your kids.

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Surviving School Breaks

You will definitely want to bookmark this post. I will continue to update this list of activities when I hear something new!

Lets face it.. Summer travel plans might be on hold for a while with the way things are going in the US. It is weird to think that families won’t be packing up for their annual lake trips. Gas prices are lower than ever, but we are all too scared to go anywhere.

How will we make it through this quarantine?! By working together!

These are great options for quarantine activities, but they also work for summer break or track out. If you have any ideas to submit, then please leave a comment below!

Outdoor activity ideas for fun family-time. Spend more time exploring outside with your kids and less time sitting on the couch watching TV. How to easily encourage your kids to have outdoor play time. Ditch the game systems and get outside in the fresh air. Activities that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained all summer long. Keep your kids busy, so you don't have to constantly hear them say that they're bored! How to have fun when you're stuck inside. Tips and ideas for kid-friendly activities for families that have to play inside due to bad weather or quarantine!
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