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The Coolest Gifts for Dads

Did he do good on Mother’s Day? What about your birthday? If he didn’t, then forget these gifts for dad all together and skip right over his days this year!!

I’m just kidding.. Maybe. 

The coolest gifts for dads. These awesome present ideas work for Father's Day, Birthdays, and any other reason you can think to give them a gift! Handmade creations are just as awesome as any gift that you can buy from a store or website like Amazon.

I love holidays. I know most of them are made up and excuses for the population to spend money on pointless gifts and keep the economy stimulated.. BUT I DON’T CARE!

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, just cause it is a Monday.. You can count me in! 

I’m definitely someone that loves to give.

I like when people personalize things. It makes me feel like they really took the time to consider what to get me.. The gift doesn’t even have to be something expensive. Did you take the time to mail me a card? I probably cried reading it.

Maybe that is just the mom in me?

Handmade gifts

Dads don’t really know what to do with handmade gifts, but they really teach your child the importance of putting your love into a gift. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to prove how you feel about someone. Handmade cards and crafts are the best Father’s Day gifts. 

Dad is getting breakfast and a beer in bed and he better appreciate it!

But really, handmade crafts are a win-win. Kids get to feel like they were involved in the giving, dads get a gift, and moms get to keep the craft!

BBQ / Cooking Platters

I love to see dads receiving awesome handmade gifts from their children. One option for a unique personalized gift is to have your children stamp their hands on a large glass platter, and write a clever saying on it like “Dads grilling plate”. Don’t forget to add the year to your creation! Consider using a white plate so that the paint shows up clearly.

After you’re finished painting the plate, throw it in the oven to bake for a little while. Thats DIY ceramics at home for ya!


A second idea for a custom gift for dad that the kids can participate in is to make some aprons! You can actually find tan or white aprons at the dollar store. You don’t have to own a Cricut or a fancy embroidery machine to make these either.

Grab some fabric paint, dip your kid’s hands in it, and stamp the apron! Typically to seal the fabric paint you just have to hold an iron on it for a few seconds. I’d still recommend only spot cleaning or hand-washing the apron after you personalize it.

You can’t put a price on homemade gifts. They’re simply the best!

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Gifts for dads that you can buy

If you’re able to spend a little money and you’re looking to purchase something for Father’s Day, then these are the perfect gift ideas.

The key here is to get dad something he THINKS is for him, but it really benefits the whole family! That is what he gets for buying mom gifts like a new kitchen table LOL.

Gifts for the outdoorsman

Father’s Day falls during the summer– and what is better than sitting outside listening to music around a bonfire? Nothing! We sit outside year around because the weather here in Georgia is mild enough in the winter that we have bonfires every season.

If you have an outdoorsmen in your life, I definitely recommend this speaker. My husband and I have purchased 2 of these speakers in the 6 years we have been together. We use them on a daily basis! They hold up so well, and the sound quality is awesome. The best part is the fact that once they’re done charging you can just unplug them and haul them anywhere. We took our to the beach once, used the bluetooth option, and it lasted all day long.

If your family enjoys exploring together and spending time outside, then you should absolutely invest in a Tailgater speaker.

Gifts for the military man

You can still celebrate dad if he is overseas.. Father’s Day just has to be delayed for a little while.

My biggest recommendation is to purchase your military guy something from Savage Tactical. A while back I wrote a small business spotlight on that veteran owned company because his products are so unique. Everything is handmade, so he’s often booked up with orders. He makes plaques that are out of this world, and much better quality than what you will find online as a display that represents honorable time in service.

Most military related memorabilia is cheesy, but you don’t have to worry about it when you shop with Savage Tactical.

Gifts for the older dad

Older dads are so fun to buy for. They’re such simpletons.

My dad is such a big fan of gifts like indoor/ outdoor slippers and blocks of hoop cheese. He has worn through a number of those slippers through years of walking to the mailbox and taking the dogs outside. These slippers don’t have a fluffy inner liner in them, so no sweaty toes!

I always laugh when I ask my dad what he wants for a present and he claims he doesn’t need anything because he has his kids. If I can convince him to give me a gift idea, then he only says fruitcake.

I mean who asks for fruitcake as a Father’s Day gift? Only older dads.

Gifts for the young dad

Younger fathers are always entertaining to shop for. They’re at the stage where they’re building up their tool supply, but also laying in the floor having a tea party with their daughters.

Most men love power tools. Women love having decor hung.

Buy the dad in your life power tools so that you can beg them to build you some bathroom shelves! Drills are a necessity in our house because I’m all the time coming up with a new project for my husband.

Is anyone else a Pinterest mama wanna-be?

Gifts for the new dad

New dads are acclimating to life with a little one, and trying to please a new mom who can’t leave the couch.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever seen on the market is the personalized children’s books. What better way to make a new dad all emotional than to surprise him with a book that has a character that looks exactly like him. I just wish Hooray Heroes would increase the number of options that they have for careers for the child character in the book to grow up to be. There isn’t an option for a military dad, ugh!

Even though you can’t customize the books to be 110% exactly what you want, they’re an incredible investment. They’re really a good gift idea for ANY dad!

Gifts for the tech dad

If there are any dads that you can easily buy for, then it is the tech dads!

The only problem with them is they’re typically the ones that have to have that hot new item the minute it hits the market. How are you supposed to buy for someone who buys themselves whatever they want the minute they want it?

One of the best gifts for dads that enjoy gaming is noise cancelling wireless headphones. You don’t want to hear everyone they’re online with talking. It is bad enough you can’t stick them in a room where you don’t have to hear them either!

At least with the nerdy dads, game systems are always evolving.

I would love to hear about your Father’s Day plans. What cool craft did your kids make for dad? Did you order something? Was there a special meal involved?

Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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