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Gold Star Scholars is a Trustworthy Nonprofit

Gold Star Scholars and their founders have created a trustworthy nonprofit that deserves your support.

I have a special place in my heart for good things that are military related.. This military related nonprofit is a good thing.

The Gold Star Scholar's logo for their non profit that supports the families of fallen Army Rangers. #militaryscholarship #militarynonprofit #militaryfamily #armyranger

The inside scoop

I am bringing you this information from an insider’s point of view. I currently serve as a board member for this nonprofit, so I know for a fact that all of the following information is true.

As always my opinions and reviews are my own, as I state in my disclosure.

Their Mission

Gold Star Scholars provides continuing educational opportunities to military families affected by the loss of their parent or significant other whether it be from combat, training, or non-military related tragedies.

Gold Star Scholars

As you can see, the GSS mission statement is a little broad. I recently asked the founders what all they were intending with the creation of this non profit, and their response was something that left me speechless.

I was told that they wanted to help the families of fallen Rangers with their education. BUT there is a catch– they don’t want to cut a check and disappear.

They want to continue to support those families throughout their educational adventure by helping with securing scholarships, providing career counseling, assisting with networking for internships, and many other pathways.

They want to make lifelong connections with the families they help.

Their integrity

Currently, the founders and board members of Gold Star Scholars are not paid. Each member works tirelessly to develop and grow GSS because they TRULY believe in their mission. Outside of GSS they have full-time jobs and families and other community involvements, but they’re eager to fill the void in the Ranger community.

The founders aren’t back alley guys that will do whatever it takes for money. They aren’t secretly running their non-profit through a church in order to avoid taxes.

This nonprofit was founded with standards that it continues to uphold.

You can read more about the board members by visiting their website.

In one of my previous posts about military related nonprofits, I discuss what things to look for and be weary of.. You don’t have to worry about those things when you choose to support Gold Star Scholars.

You can donate to the non profit by visiting this link.

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