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How to Support Small Businesses During a Pandemic

2020 has really been a bust of a year. With 2021 just around the corner, I’m really hoping we are on the horizon of change. What have you done to support small businesses during this crazy year?

As a family, we spent a lot of time cooped up inside this year. We wore our masks when we went out, and we tried our best to be careful. Thankfully, none of us got sick. We will definitely continue to be safe in the upcoming year, but we won’t be living confined in our home.

Unfortunately, with everyone’s minds on the pandemic, we lost sight of the struggle that our community is going through.

I think eventually we all need to make the decision of whether or not we will continue living in fear. Is that really living? Not really.

I’m not encouraging anyone to be reckless- definitely take precautions, but don’t turn down every event or outing. We need to continue supporting small businesses during this time, so that they’re still around when this pandemic is over!

Support small businesses like Tippy Tap Co, a mobile bar cart service that is located in Atlanta, Georgia. #barcart #visitatlanta #atlantaga #goergia #smallbusiness

Supporting small businesses in 3 easy steps

The first step to supporting small businesses in your community are to locate them! If you’re local to Georgia, then you’re in luck! I put together a list of small businesses in Savannah. I am also working on growing my list of small businesses in other cities, so if you have any to contribute, then I would love to hear about them.

The second step to showing your support for a small business is to connect with them on social media. There are a number of ways you can be supportive without making a purchase! Share the word about their business. Engage on their social media by commenting and liking their posts.

The third and final step of supporting the small businesses in your community is to book with them! Buy from them when you can. You’re cutting out the middle man, and helping mothers and fathers make their dreams come true.

Putting the example into play

There is no day like today to get started! I even have a business for you to support– Tippy Tap Co. based out of Atlanta, Georgia. That is step one complete because now you know an amazing small business you can support.

You can find out more about them by checking out their social media. They have a website as well as an Instagram. Basically, it is the most beautiful bar cart that I have ever seen.

Tippy Tap Co is a bar cart service based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It is a top of the line mobile beverage bar with so much class. #babyshower #barcart #mobilebarcart #bridalshower #birthdayparty #weddingreception

Now that you’ve seen just how picture perfect the cart is, I know you want to book them! Think about the vintage touch that this Atlanta Mobile Bar Service could bring to your wedding. Want to be the friend of the year? Invite everyone over for a backyard party with the most exquisite 6 tap selection of drinks that you can think of.

You don’t even have to worry about getting servers for your event because Tippy Tap has it covered for you. Not only do they provide you with servers for a two hour service, but they bring the drinkware, and the napkins. The price of your drinks is extra to the package.

If you are looking for alcohol you can surely find champagnes, beers, mixed drinks, cocktails, wines, and more. Your drink selection doesn’t have to include alcohol if you don’t want it to! Stay free from the spirits and head towards sodas or kombucha if that matches what you need.

Tippy Tap can cover you beyond providing the stunning drink cart. You can put together a package with them that includes decor to match your event. All the balloons, greenery, menus, and decor that you can dream of! They are really capable of bringing your decor dreams to life.

I mean, after finding out about Tippy Tap I started thinking about which of my gal pals would want to come over for a wine and cheese party!

As a community, we have to keep small businesses alive. Wash your hands, wear your mask, and support small businesses. We have to shop small with business owners like Alicia Wallace, the owner of Tippy Tap Co, so that they are able to stick around.

Shop small so we don’t STOP small! What do you say?

Don’t forget to leave me all of your favorite local businesses below! Next up is a small business master list for North Carolina.

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