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I Did Something Taboo

I recently did something so taboo that I have been scared to publish about it. I wrote this blurb up and deleted it a number of times before I thought to myself– this is so silly!

I own my website for a reason.. To write about whatever floats my boat!

So here I am, being incredibly genuine and a little bit vulnerable with all of you…

The juicy details!

I know I talk about how much I love Kirsti over at K. Horton Photography, but I just can’t get enough of her! Her photography is awesome, and her personality is out of this world incredible. Working with her is SO easy. 

I let her talk me into doing a shoot that I never thought I would find myself experiencing…

I did a boudoir shoot.

Originally, I got the idea from a sweet friend who decided to do a boudoir shoot right before her wedding. She shared her pictures with me, and they were absolutely STUNNING! She looked so confident in every single shot, and I kept insisting to her that they were out of this world gorgeous.

When I saw Kirsti was going to be offering a boudoir shoot at a nearby Air BnB I thought what the heck, I’ll do it.

Unfortunately I had to make an emergency trip to NC, and I missed the date she had set up appointments for. Total curveball. Isn’t that just how life works?!

One of my boudoir photos.
K. Horton Photography

I completely lucked out, and she organized a second set of times for a boudoir shoot at her house on the first of February.

I told two of my girlfriends about the possibility of doing a boudoir shoot, and both of them snickered and said they couldn’t wait to see my pictures and hear all about it. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking about how it was going to be such a huge mistake. I really believed that my pictures would turn out horribly ugly.

Well let me just tell you– the entire experience was so life-changing that I decided to share it with the whole world!

My boudoir shoot was absolutely incredible. I started off by having Rachel Brick over at Joyous Creations do my makeup– holy wow! That girl can totally transform you in a matter of minutes.

I curled my hair in loose waves before I went over there because I knew that was a hairstyle that brought me confidence. 

Kirsti made me feel comfortable the entire time, and I ended up having so much fun.


But I thought boudoir shoots were trashy?!

Boudoir shoots do not have to be taboo. 

I am an adult, and I did a body positive shoot for myself

I drank mimosas, ate blueberry scones, and had the time of my life.

Step way outside of your comfort zone, and sign yourself up for a boudoir shoot. You will find that your proofs make you feel SO empowered.

I was lacking in the self-confidence section before my pregnancy, but I really sunk inside of myself post-partum. 

I plan on making a book of my boudoir photos to have on hand to remind myself just how incredible I felt that day.

I’m trading in my maternity shorts for regular ones. I’m embracing the chances my body has gone through. I should feel more beautiful than I do.

I have these pictures to prove that I accomplished SO much. Not only did I grow a mini human inside of me for nine months, but afterwards I got up the courage to get half naked in front of my best friend and pose for pictures. 

Why would I do one?!

Do it for your spouse.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for your birthday.

Do it while you’re pregnant.

Do it for your wedding. 

Do it because it is a Friday…..

I don’t care what reason you come up with for yourself. 


I mean, you don’t need a reason. This kind of shoot makes you feel powerful. In a life full of being overworked and underpaid, don’t you want something to make you feel so powerful?

I totally plan on showing my future daughter what a hot mom she had!

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