Celebrating Independence Day in Savannah

As a military town, Savannah gets very patriotic for July 4th. Thanks to the separation orders brought upon us by COVID-19, Independence Day in Savannah will look a little different this year.

When the virus is gone and restrictions are lifted, you can bet we will be back on our patriotic shenanigans!

This year, I’ll have to daydream about Savannah’s typical 4th of July celebrations.

Where to celebrate the 4th of July around Savannah, Georgia. I've listed out all of the best places for independence day celebrations in downtown savannah as well as on tybee island and in richmond hill.

Party Laws in Savannah

It shouldn’t surprise you that Independence Day in Savannah is a go big or go home event.. We celebrate everything! The combination of being a military town, lenient firework laws, and being allowed to carry around open containers downtown, Savannah is built to party.

The only stipulations to fireworks in Georgia are that they have to be done by 9pm on normal days, and finished by midnight on the Fourth of July. You can find firework shows in Richmond Hill, Tybee Island, Downtown Savannah, and on Fort Stewart.

Thankfully, even with the laid back culture that Savannah prides itself on, things stay relatively family-friendly.

Richmond Hill’s Celebrations

The crowds start gathering early for activities at the park in Richmond Hill. Fourth of July celebrations always take place the Saturday before the 4th at J.F Gregory Park.

With only one way in and out of Richmond Hill where celebrations take place, traffic can be a bear. Parking is limited around the park, so arrive early to avoid walking for miles.

In years past, celebrations included food vendors and fireworks.

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Tybee Island’s Celebrations

Tybee Island always gets creative with holiday festivities.

On the Fourth of July there is always a bike parade. No, not motorcycles.. I’m talking about a bunch of people dressed up in red white and blue, riding bicycles! It is hilarious. Tybee island is always a hit for celebrating the holidays.

Parking on Tybee is limited, so consider arriving early and hanging out at the beach. Traffic is especially bad around the holidays, so prepare for a long drive home.

Downtown Savannah’s Celebrations

Celebrations for Independence Day in Savannah typically take place on the night of the 4th of July.

Yes, they party hard no matter what day of the week it is!

In downtown Savannah you are allowed to carry around an open container. Check to make sure that you don’t have to buy a wrist band to be permitted to carry around an alcoholic beverage. Local government implements the wrist band to try and cut down on the number of underage drinkers and deter people from drinking in general. In 2019 the wristband was $20 for St. Patricks Day celebrations.. No, that doesn’t include any drinks!

You can see early fireworks in downtown Savannah on River Street. Fireworks finish up around 9pm. Before the firework show there are contests, food vendors, and tons of entertainment.

Military Base Celebrations

Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield have 4th of July firework shows planned. There are often concerts that preface the elaborate firework shows on each base.

Fort Stewart is a huge base, so there is plenty of areas to park and enjoy the entertainment. This year, Fort Stewart will provide an Independence Day celebration with fireworks that adheres to social distancing. They’re giving visitors two options for enjoying the show. Check out their website for all of the details on what rules they are implementing.

Hunter Army Airfield is a much smaller base, but they are holding a celebration that is similar to Fort Stewart. Before fireworks you will hear from the 3ID band. The party runs from about 8:30pm-9:45pm.

Base will only be open for DOD ID holders.

I’m saddened by the fact that 2020 has felt sort of ‘holiday-less’, but I am thankful that our town is doing its best to implement laws that will keep everyone safe. I am looking forward to the Corona Virus leaving, and things returning to normal!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

What does your family have planned?

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