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Handmade Jewelry by Joyous Creations

Small business spotlight on Joyous Creations. #handmadejewelry #smallbusiness #shopsmall

A new week and a new small business to support! With a name like Joyous Creations how could you NOT want to support this company?! 

Rachel’s business is the pot of gold for women looking for affordable jewelry. 

This wonderful company is located out of Savannah, Georgia, but she ships all over! 

You can check out her Facebook page for her most recent products & easily shop through her pictures.

Joyous Creations necklaces. #smallbusiness #homemadejewelry

Products by Joyous Creations

You can see through her Facebook page that she isn’t limited to jewelry. 

Need someone to make you a mommy and baby matching necklace set? 

Her motto, ‘handmade accessories for babes and babies’ brings affordable and fashionable pieces that you’ve only dreamed of into reality. She has teethers, pacifier clips, and necklaces. 

She’s your go to gal!

Jewelry on a marble background photographed by K. Horton Photography. #joyouscreations #handmadejewelry #shopsmall #supportsmallbusinesses

No, you’re not looking at cheap pieces!

I’m 100% sure you need a new necklace and earrings at the very least.

You don’t have to worry about seeing ten other people in the same Target necklace you’re wearing when you buy from Joyous Creations. There are an array of colors and styles available in her shop. 

Talk about staying with the trends.. She’s ahead of them!

The woman behind the business

As you can see, Rachel’s creations are nothing short of fabulous, so go treat yourself.

Buying from Joyous Creations supports a mama on a mission to a successful home based business. Rachel is so friendly and genuine. 

You can find this trendy company on Facebook as well as Instagram by using the links below.

This is not a paid review. This is my honest testament to the value of this small business.

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