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A Letter to my Mother

My mother and I haven’t always been friends. 

For a long time, my mom was simply my mom. 

My dad swears we bump heads so often because we are more alike than we are willing to admit. 

A thank you letter to my mother for being my best friend.

I used to feel like when I went to my mom about anything, she was never on my side..

Well, as it turns out, I’m wrong more often than I’d like to admit. 

She was never rude about it, but I felt directly attacked. I pushed her away. I quit telling her things.

I was so hard headed.

Things changed

I moved away and got married early in life. 

My husband’s job took us from NC to GA.

The rollercoaster of big changes helped me to realize just how much I missed being able to walk downstairs and talk to my mom.

I miss interrupting her naps.

I miss haggling her for spending hours at the beauty shop.

I miss coming home and just sitting on the couch together.

My mom wasn’t simply my mom. My mom was my best friend. 


My mom is my best friend

I didn’t see that my mom was my rock because she was quietly on my team.

She was letting me lead my own way because she knew arguing with me was pointless.

My mom was always in my corner. I was just too hard headed to see. 

I had a boss once that degraded me and I quit my job and called her from the car sobbing. My parents were there in no time and my mom was inside giving my self-centered and narcissistic boss a piece of her mind.

My mom didn’t need to do things like that often because I was my own megaphone.

I handled things in fits of rage and anger and just told her about them later. I was like my father in that sense. 

She was calm and collected. She talked me down from things. 

I used to see that as her being against me rather than on my team, but I was the one creating sides. 

She didn’t need to get loud and go off. What was the point? It would be re-hashing a situation that I had already closed. 

Moms are saints

My mom is a saint. 

Most of my friends call her Mother Teresa. 

She was never the mom trying to fit into the ‘in crowd’ and I am so thankful for that. 

My mom is one of the most kind people. She’s genuine and gives into everything whole-heartedly.

There is no better nini on this planet than my mom. Colten adores her, and his whole face lights up when she Facetimes us each night after dinner. 

She loves all of us kids, but she REALLY loves the grandkids. 

Mothers and daughters

I don’t think I’m the only girl that grew up bumping heads with their moms.

Without a doubt, I think it is written in the stars for girls to test their mothers.

Dad never had to say a word. My father could snap his fingers and I would fall into tears.

For some reason I chose to push buttons with my mom’s authority.

Now that I’m a mother I understand better that I wasted so much time arguing with my mom. 

Thankfully, she was willing to listen when I was done being stubborn and ready to come back into her loving arms.

Mothers and daughters never really fall apart.

Daughters fall apart and moms wait patiently for them to pull themselves back together.

My future daughter

Lord help me if I have daughters.

I know I am not as calm and collected as my mother is. 

Maybe in time I will grow to understand just how she manages to be so perfect.

So gentle. So kind. So genuine. 

After all, my mom is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine our relationship being any different.

Thank you mom for being the woman that you are.

I love you dearly and I can’t wait for the day that I get to move back closer to you!

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