Life as a Dual Military Couple

Dual military relationships are often swept under the rug.

Believe me, they’re VERY important! But they seem to fall by the wayside. 

Honestly, there are ten times the amount of facebook groups in support of women dating service members than there are dual military couple support groups.

I wanted to shed light on the positives and negatives of dual military relationships.

These opinions come straight from the source!

The positives

  • You save a lot of money on health insurance
  • You both understand the military lingo
  • You are used to the crazy work schedule
  • It becomes a fun game to see who can rank up faster
  • You get to travel together
  • It is easier to vent to someone that understands your job
  • It is easy to work out together

The negatives

  • Childcare is a challenge with crazy schedules
  • Trying to transfer together can be a pain
  • Sometimes your deployment schedules overlap
  • You rarely have time together away from the military
  • It is harder to get involved with FRG when you’re active duty as well as your spouse
  • Your house is packed with military gear

Do you have an opinion that you are willing to share on your dual military life? I would love to include it in this post.

Dual military couples deserve as many resources as other military relationships have!

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