The Benefits of Living Life With Less Stuff

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If you haven’t used it in 90 days, then you don’t need it. You need to be living life with less stuff!

I’m guilty. I hang on to EVERYTHING.

I really do have the best of intentions…

I want to scrapbook with it. I want to reuse it. I’ve thought of how to redecorate it. No I need it!!

I have all these great ideas, but when I’m honest with myself, it doesn’t happen. I’m simply too busy. My great ideas never make it beyond my Pinterest board. It drives my husband crazy. He is definitely a minimalist.

During his deployment I decided I was desperate to make a change. I was tired of dusting around all the things I swore I had a use for, but ended up piling around the house.

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Step 1: Identify

I started in my bedroom. I knew I needed to split things up, or I would be overwhelmed at the thought of starting the journey. You know the hot spots in your home. You don’t have to start at your bedroom. You can start in your pantry if thats where you want to begin!

A few examples of small spaces to conquer– the medicine cabinet, your pantry, underneath the kitchen sink. This isn’t a marathon race. Take things slowly so that you can avoid getting burnt out and giving up in the middle of the first room. 

Step 2: Make piles

Make sure that you have some trash bags or boxes ready for this part of things. When they’ve made their way into the box, there is no coming back out. The box is the end. Don’t get it back out! 

If you are feeling tempted to get the stuff back out, then duct tape the boxes shut. Tie up the bags. If you give yourself more to do to get the items back, then you’re less likely to want them! Smack your own hand if you have to.

This might feel like punishment right now, but you’re going to feel so relieved at the final result. You feel an emotional tie standing there holding that sweater, but you wouldn’t have noticed it was gone because you haven’t sought it out in over three seasons.

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Step 3: Removal

Take your boxes straight to the car or the trashcan. You’re more likely to get rid of everything when it’s in your car and ready to go. Do not stop by the garage or barn on your way out. Those two places are like the island of the lost toys, and this island doesn’t have a happy Christmas ending. 

The entire goal is for things to stop collecting dust at your house! You want to use and appreciate what is in your home. You don’t have to strip your home of things you only touch during the holidays– seasonal items don’t have to be addressed in this purge.

The results of downsizing

The result? I immediately feel SO much better. I absolutely can’t wait to get around to the rest of my house. I might’ve looked like I had emptied three houses, but it was well worth the struggle. Hey, lifting those boxes was my gym workout for the day!

Looking back, I have never missed anything that I’ve gotten out of my house. It was all clutter. Less stuff, less to dust. NO ONE LIKES DUSTING!

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