Loving a Service Member

What it means for his wife

Loving a service member is a walk in the park..

Except the ground is lava, the park is even bigger than Central Park in NYC, and you don’t get a map… or a compass. 

I can’t speak on what it means to love a service member from the standpoint of a husband, but i’m sure deep down they relate. It might even be WAY deep down in the pits of their heart, but they’ve felt the longing.

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You know the silly homecoming signs you see? No, I’m not talking about the ones that say “Now that you’re off duty, report for the booty”. Those make me giggle, but I’m talking about the family friendly ones.

“Hey daddy, I’m _______”

“The longer the wait the sweeter the kiss”

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder”

“I’ve waited ____ days for this”

They’re great for the pictures, but what we feel is much deeper than what the signs can communicate.

In reality, loving someone in the military is something that you have to learn how to do. 

East Family Homecoming

Loving someone in the military is adjusting your schedule to deployments. It is long weeks of parenting alone when they’re gone in the field. It is praying for their safety when they’re overseas. It is spending a bunch of money on gear for school. It is bags spread across the floor and a checklist of supplies. It is 3 AM phone calls to combat the time difference. 

Please understand this–Loving THEM is easy.

You love someone in the military no differently than you love someone who isn’t. You fall in love with the way they smile, or the way the laugh at their own corny jokes.

You will always love your partner the same, but it is the military lifestyle you have to learn how to love. 

It is the tears rolling down your cheeks when your little one catches a glimpse of their daddy for the first time in 8 months. It is the pure excitement of introducing a daddy to his brand new baby girl. Its a mom getting to surprise her son at school. It is the happiness you feel when you get a letter in the mail. It is packing a box full of pictures and snacks to send them on deployment. It is coloring banners to hang on the garage. It is a calendar with more days accomplished than there are days remaining. 

You see, a lot of this life is what YOU make of it. 

I loved him before the military and I’ll love him after. 

You love deep and you love hard and you love strong. 

That is how you love a service member.

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