Supporting Military Related NonProfits

All the information that you need to make a wise decision when donating your money to a military related nonprofit.

Have you done your research, or are you donating your money on a hope and a prayer that it will make a difference within the community?

A warning about military related nonprofits

I’ve teamed up with Leslie over at The Lewnited States to bring you a crucial message: Research the military related nonprofit you intend on giving to!

We focus on the military side of things because that is what we are most familiar with, but you should ALWAYS do your research.

You want to make a difference in your community, so don’t find your money getting wrapped up in a charity scam.

Defining a nonprofit

In simple terms, nonprofits are groups that are exempt from paying federal income taxes because their money goes towards helping the community. 

With that being said, nonprofits CAN pay people who provide services.

Donations made to nonprofits are not 100% delivered back to the public. Unfortunately, they can’t be.

Overhead costs that nonprofits endure are similar to for-profit organizations. They still have to pay for things like renting an office space.

What to look for in a military related nonprofit

So you want to do your research, but you aren’t even sure what red flags you should be looking for.. That is fine! We are here to help.

A few great websites to use for researching your nonprofit of choice include the following: Nonprofit Explorer, Guide Star, Charity Watch, The Giving Alliance, and Citizen Audit.

You want to find your nonprofit’s EIN* number and search it within the IRS Tax  Exemption site. The IRS site is a one stop shop for knowing whether a nonprofit is legitimate. If they do not have a tax ID number, then steer clear!

If you cannot find the breakdown of where a charity is spending their money, then ask them to provide it! That information is public knowledge. A charity that is hesitant to do so.. well, just steer clear of them.

You want to see that your nonprofit is PROVING their community involvement. 

Things to ponder before donating

Are they documenting their community outreach with regular pictures and/ or live videos of events?

What percentage of their income is going to employee paychecks?

Can you volunteer time and goods with the nonprofit as well as money?

Is their donation portal secure enough for you to enter your card information?

Is their financial information readily available.. if not, why?

Military related nonprofits to support

There are MILLIONS of organizations, but we wanted to provide you with a few nonprofits that we personally support. We prefer organizations that are SOCOM* approved.

  • Gold Star Scholars
  • Operation Shield Foundation
  • Merging Vets and Players
  • Stanford Breakline
  •  All Secure Foundation
  • Task Force Dagger
  • Sua Sponte Foundation
  • Big Sky Bravery
  • Camaraderie Foundation
  • Ranger Lead The Way Fund
  • Descendants of WWII Rangers
  • Vetted Foundation
  • Wreaths Across America
  • Airborne Rangers of the Korean War Association
  • Flags 4 Fallen
  • Darby’s Warrior Support 
  • Veterans Alternate
  • Student Veterans of America
  • Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration
  • Three Rangers Foundation
  • HOOAH, Inc.
  • The Honor Foundation
  • Service to School
  • Sailing Ahead
  • Cardinal Health Veterans Professional Advancement Course
  • Mission 22
  • The Rangers Scholarship Fund
  • Special Operations Fund
  • The Warrior Alliance
  • Operation Second Chance
  • Operation Healing Forces
  • Operation One Voice
  • Pointe du Hoc Foundation
  • Focus Project
  • Military Veteran Project
  • Special Operations Warrior Fund
  • Patriot Support Programs- Universal Health Service, Inc.

  • Ranger Road
  • Red Circle Foundation
  • Heroes on the Water
  • Protect / HERO Corps
  • National Ranger Memorial Foundation
  • Ranger Assistance Fund
  • World-Wide Ranger Association
  • United States Army Ranger Association
  • Operation Transition Assistance Corporation
  • Pat Tillman Foundation
  • Operation Hawkeye
  • SEMPER FI Fund
  • Warrior Scholars Project
  • 75th Ranger Regiment Association
  • Special Operations Wounded Warrior
  • Special Operations Survivors

Working with nonprofits

Leslie and I both have experience working with nonprofits. She spent over five years working with a military related nonprofit. I currently work with Gold Star Scholars.

We know the back end of things, and we want to be honest with our community about the things we have discovered in our experiences. Do your research and be careful. You want your money to make an impact within the military community.

Gold Star Scholars is my number one recommended charity. The men that started it are completely honest, and whole heartedly hope to help the children and spouses of fallen Rangers with their education expenses.

In conclusion

If you feel like a nonprofit is partaking in something shady, you can contact the association of charities within your state to file a report.

Do you have a non-profit that you want us to check out? Drop a comment below!

We are always looking for honest nonprofits to support.


*EIN- Employer Identification Number / ‘Tax ID’

*SOCOM – An abbreviation which refers to United States Special Operations Command.

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