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MILSO Box is a Huge Supporter of the Military Community

I’ve written about my business partner Kristin Miller, the owner of Milso Box, before but I’m back with even more great things to say. She is truly a top notch supporter of the military community.

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What is this company?

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you’re probably wondering what Milso Box is.. It is an awesome subscription box geared towards the wives of First Responders and Service Members.

When you subscribe to Milso Box you’re supporting a military family. You’re supporting a female entrepreneur. You’re supporting one of America’s great small businesses!

Companies featured in Milso Box

One of my favorite things about Kristin and Milso Box is the fact that she gives back to the military community. She supports hundreds of other veteran owned small businesses by featuring their products in her boxes.

In the last 6 months Kristin has been packing her themed boxes with some really great products. I get her boxes every month, and I am always excited to see what businesses she has discovered!

  • Heritage Candle Co.
  • The Farmer & The Belle
  • Kindle Wick Candle Co.
  • Tiger Lily Lane
  • Kodiak Trading Co.
  • Designs by Katie Leigh
  • Eliza Bean Designs
  • Inclosed Letterpress Co.
  • Onyx and Sage
  • Red Dragon Teas
  • Honey Bees for Heroes
  • Butterfly Bliss Shop
  • Delight Naturals 
  • The Ink Loft
  • Popcorn Friday
  • Fairwinds Candle Co.
  • Dakota Nuts -n- Candy
  • Eventful AF
  • Carries Brew – Scars & Stripes Coffee
  • Tout Sweet Macarons

Not all of the businesses that have products in Milso Boxes are from the military community, but a good portion are. If you’re looking to expand your brand, then you should definitely reach out to Kristin to see if your products line up with any of the upcoming themes.

Check out Milso Box, and make sure you use the code CAM10!

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