My First Three Years as a Military Spouse

I’ve mentioned before that my time as a military spouse has been eventful, but now I’m unraveling my first three years in this crazy lifestyle. I’m breaking out the good, bad, and the ugly.

My experience as a military spouse to an Army Ranger. #milspouse #army #usmilitary

Our history

I think it is fair to start with the fact that I knew my husband before he joined the military. We had been dating for 3 years before he signed his life away to uncle Sam. He attended bootcamp in July of 2017. When he came home in December of 2017 for a short Christmas break before RASP, we got married! I planned and executed a full-blown wedding in 60 days.

The first months apart

When my then boyfriend left for the Army, we were familiar with distance. We attended different high schools and, then different colleges. Bootcamp seemed so hard back then.. Between the distance, him not getting my letters, and still attending college, things were rough. We look back now and laugh about how easy that was in comparison to things we have experienced more recently.

An overview of the first year

My first year as a military spouse seemed to fly by. My husband was gone attending different schools, so I moved home to live with my parents and started going to school online. I knew I would need the flexibility to be able to attend his graduations, so that was absolutely the best choice for me. When he figured out we would be stationed in Savannah, Georgia, I moved into an apartment close to base. He finally made his way from Fort Benning (Where he had been since July 2017) to Savannah in March 2018. Things were pretty normal in our life from March to July of 2018.

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A look at the second year

Surprise, surprise! Just after his first anniversary of service we discovered we were pregnant with our little boy. We didn’t plan it, but everything really worked out in our favor. The luck started with us buying our first home in Savannah in the winter of 2018. He was in a training cycle, and wouldn’t be leaving until after Colt was born. I was overjoyed to have him home since my pregnancy was extremely rough. We were induced in May 2019, and he was lucky enough to roll his paternal leave right into the pre-deployment leave. It doesn’t always work out that way, but Army Rangers look after their men differently. As the second year came to a close we faced his first deployment.

The dreaded deployment

He had to leave to deploy at the start of his third year of service. Our son was only two months old at the time, and he was only home for a month following deployment before he left for Ranger School. Deployment wasn’t the hard part for us. I spent a lot of time home in North Carolina with our families, so I was surrounded by support. Ranger School was a beast of an experience. When Travis finally came back home in the spring of 2019, Colten was almost nine months old. The readjustment period was hard on both of them.

Entering the third year

We are about a month into Travis’ third year of service, my third year as a military spouse. I’ve joined the FRG, made a ton of awesome new military spouse friends, and I’ve pulled some hair out being stuck at home with my husband during this quarantine. We are coming up on another school experience, but I’m ready to face things head on!

Cam Deal and her husband holding their infant son.

I can truly say that I enjoy being a military spouse. This experience has taught me so much, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to help other spouses with their transition into this lifestyle.

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  • Lacie

    Thank you for sharing this post! I am the wife of a Navy veteran and I know how hard it can be balancing marriage and military. This post brought back a lot of memories. Happy you’re helping other spouses by sharing your story.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks for sharing this! I am a coast guard wife ! Military life isn’t easy + has its challenges! But it is part of our journey + we have grown so much as a couple! Its not an experience alot of people go through! So glad we have that in common ! Xx

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