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My Life With an 18 Month Old Boy

I’ll be honest, I really loved the newborn stage. He was so precious and cuddly and slept all the time… But life with a toddler boy? This is the life of the party! Here is a look into all of the wonderful 18 month old milestones that Colten is knocking out of the park.

My sweet boy is meeting all of his 18 month old milestones. #toddlermom #raisingboys

Full of personality

Colt man is really starting to come into his personality. He can be the sweetest little toddler, but wow he has a mean streak a mile long. Colten might look exactly like his dad, but he his facial expressions are me made over. If he’s not impressed by whatever you’re saying, you’re going to know it.

We are starting to see a little bit more of the defiance coming out. Like most toddlers, he’s much more cranky when he is tired. We try our best to talk him down before jumping straight to punishment. Most of the time, asking him if he needs to go to time out is enough to do the trick.

Total mama’s boy

Thankfully, that mean streak only comes out occasionally, and he spends most of his time loving on his mama. I am ALL FOR IT! I love that he is a total mama’s boy. Sometimes I feel touched-out by 10 AM, but as soon as his daddy comes home the world quits revolving around mama, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit jealous!

Since dada is gone a lot with work, we tend to explore Savannah together. Our most recent adventure was to the farm in Richmond Hill. We absolutely recommend it if you’ve never been out there before! There are tons of animals to practice names and sounds.

My crazy toddler boy eating a lolipop at the farm while watching all of the ponies! #18montholdmilestones #toddlermilestones #toddlerboy #raisingbabies

Hitting big milestones

I have seen an astronomical amount of growth lately with Colten’s speech. These 18 month milestones are no joke. You never know what words are going to come out of his mouth next.. It is making me MUCH more careful. I guess that is just the typical nature of an 18 month old boy.

  • Nuh-uh: We use this instead of no and he shakes his head when he says it.
  • Hush: This is always combined with the finger over the mouth.. So dramatic. He mainly says this when he hears dogs barking.
  • Shoes: He has always said “shoe shoes” which cracks us up. When he says “socks” he only says it once, so I’ve always wondered by shoes gets repeated.
  • Any words that have to do with vehicles. We love to say car, truck, plane. He also points to planes in the sky and points out the window if he hears the train go by our house.
  • Bath: Evidently this is the most exciting word in the English language.
  • Bye and Hi. Bye, bye-bye or just silent hugs and waves. He’s doing a great job communicating this in multiple ways. He waves different depending on whether or not he is saying hi or by.

I tried to teach him some sign language phrases, but he seems to ignore me for the most part. If he is in his hi-chair and we ask if he’s done he will clean his hands and say he’s done. He hasn’t signed for please or more, but he will respond to me if I sign them to him.

Routines still matter

I’ve found that his routine is still extremely important for his mood. A little while back I talked about his schedule, and we are still on a similar routine. He wakes up around 8 AM, and goes down for his nap between 12 and 1 PM. I usually let him sleep for 2 hours, but sometimes he sleeps for around 3. His bedtime is between 8 and 9 PM.

When he wakes up I try to get some real food in him before I give him milk. He would live off of milk if I would let him. After breakfast we usually spend time playing in his room. He is a self-entertainer for about an hour and then he usually wants to climb in my lap and look at a book. Next is lunch time. Usually I’m scrambling to make him lunch before nap time. This is where we start having small fits.

After nap time he is a stage 4 clinger. I try to start prepping for dinner before I wake him up because he typically wants to be held. He likes to sit on the floor of the kitchen and play with spoons. All of the independent play goes out the window after nap time.. He is not having it!

My little mama's boy is meeting all of his 18 month old milestones while still being totally obsessed with his mommy. #milestones #growingup #toddlermom #raisingbabies

Continuing with 18 month milestones

Our next 18 month old milestone goals including learning more words. I want him to learn animal sounds, short sign language phrases, and to use his manners more often.

We have seen our little boy grow up in so many ways just since his first birthday. It breaks my mama heart, but I am so proud of him. Stick around for more of this toddler journey and keep up with all of the big things we have planned for 2021!

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