New Year’s Resolutions for Military Families

Oh the beauty that is military life. I’m really not complaining, overall my life as a military spouse has been so enjoyable. Regardless, I think it is always important to set goals to better ourselves, so I’m bringing you New Year’s resolutions for military families!

Picking up bad habits

The military has been great for my husband. He enjoys going to work and spending time practicing his shooting, and he’s really good at what he does. Unfortunately, military work life can cause bad habits. Ya know, the dipping and smoking and drinking regularly and swearing that 99% of soldiers do. Thankfully, he isn’t part of the extremist group that partakes in every negative daily action that you can think of. Even still, he wants to kick dipping to the curb.

Can we really blame them? Shooting at people, trying not to be shot at, spending months away from your family.. That all sounds pretty stressful.

Heck, I have a mouth like a sailor and I’m not even a service member so what is my excuse?!

Dipping can cause gum disease, tooth loss, cancer, and more.. So why do so many people, especially military members, do it? #dipping #badhabit #newyearsresolutions #militaryman #gumdisease #copingmechanism #copingwithstress #stressors #workstress #lifestress #stressreliever #usmilitary #mouthcancer #expensivehabit

Who says it is a bad habit

Travis and I don’t fight about our bad habits. We bicker like everyone else, but at the end of the day we both realize that the bad habits are only ours to kick. Him yelling at me about cussing won’t make me stop cussing. Me yelling at him about dipping won’t make him give up dipping. I’d say that part of it is hardheadedness, but the other part is simply being an adult. We are all free to make choices, and we cope with stress in different ways.

YOU have to recognize your bad habits before you’re going to be willing to change them. Making notes of other people’s bad habits isn’t doing anything to help them.. It just makes you sound like you’re constantly nagging.

No one likes a nagger.

Breaking bad habits

Maybe you’re starting to see your own bad habits now, but you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to kick them to the curb. Hello there New Year’s Resolutions!

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Are you a military family that is looking to set New Year's resolutions and stick to them? You can! #dipping #badhabit #newyearsresolutions #militaryman #gumdisease #copingmechanism #copingwithstress #stressors #workstress #lifestress #stressreliever #usmilitary #mouthcancer #expensivehabit #militaryfamily #hypnosis #atlantaga

What New Year’s resolutions are your military family setting? Are you going to be more intentional with your time? Are you going to quit spending so much money on dip? Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know!

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