Tips for Packing Care Packages

If you saw last week’s post, then you know I talked about the perfect gifts to include in care packages for deployed troops. I felt it was only right to provide some insider’s tips to safely packing care packages and their precious contents!

After all, care packages are the only fun part of deployment.

You don’t want to spend a bunch of time and money buying cool gifts just to hear that something was broken on its way overseas!

The postal service doesn’t pay attention to fragile stickers, unfortunately. However, the post office does offer free resources for military families to use when sending care packages.

Secret tips for packing care packages so that everything stays safe in transit!

Packing liquid

Try not to overload your box with liquids. If you do want to including something like hand sanitizer or eye drops, then look for travel sized portions.

Any liquids you’re sending should be put in ziplock bags. Another two methods of sending liquids is by sealing them in air tight freezer bags or closing them up in plastic containers. Consider taping around the lids if you chose to have them in a ziplock bag or plastic container. You don’t want them to roll around and the lids to come unsealed.

I know, that sounds like you’re taking a flight yourself. You’d hate to have your box delivered soggy and damaged because something leaked. If something drips out of the box, then you could risk it being tossed in the trash and never delivered!

The post office won’t hesitate to open your package if contents are dripping out. They want to know exactly what spilled! (For safety reasons, obviously)

Packing fresh goodies

Troops go crazy when someone opens a care package that has fresh baked goodies! You might be wondering how in the world to send everything over without things going downhill, right?

Mason jars are a great way to send goods like that, especially since you can wrap them in bubble wrap without worry of them being broken. Another option to send fresh goods is to put them in a plastic container. Sealing goods up in an air tight bag is still one of my favorite shipping methods.

Make sure to stick a piece of bread in the container with the goodies, so everything inside stays fresh!

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Packing fragile items

If you saw my article about sending mail to your soldier, then you know that using the free USPS care package boxes is super beneficial. Whatever you can fit, ships!

Long gone are the days of simply wrapping breakables in tissue paper and hoping for the best. Package weights used to be a huge factor in whether or not you could even afford to ship anything.

Wrap your stuff in bubble wrap, twirl it in foam, or throw it in a bunch of packing peanuts if you want to! Packing care packages is much simpler when you aren’t stressed about the weight of the box.

Decorating the care package

The post office prohibits wrapping the outside of the box, so any decorations you want to include will need to be on the interior.

If you’re feeling fancy, then you can choose a theme for your box. You can do themes for holidays, or based off of a single color or funny quote.

For anyone that feels totally overwhelmed by decorating the box, I have the perfect solution! Sea to Sea with Love is a small military spouse owned business that offers stickers to decorate care packages. I wrote an article about her business because I think what she provides is so awesome.

How to pack a care package. Tips from an experienced military spouse. Wrap everything tightly so nothing gets broken in the mail.

I want to see all of your awesome packages! Send me pictures or comment below and let me know what you’re sending to our brave troops.

Always follow OPSEC!

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