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One of Camille’s best friends and her first partner, Leslie with The Lewnited States has the same mission on her blog. She is a hardcore advocate for veteran owned small businesses, and has devoted countless years to helping them accomplish their business goals. 

When she isn’t blogging, she is binge watching The Office with her husband and their two pups. 

Monica at Spouse.ly is one of the nicest ladies EVER! She is a veteran spouse who created a supreme platform for military businesses to showcase their products and services. Anyone can shop on the website, but you have to be a military business to list.

The milsomuster application picture

Jasmin, the face behind the awesome app Milsomuster, is a navy spouse. She wanted to create a platform for military related products, news, and information. The app is available on the app store as well as the Google playstore.

Military-related content from Homegrown Happiness Co and The Lewnited States is published on the app!

Kristin is a lovely veteran AND veteran spouse who owns the popular Milso Box. Milso Box is a subscription service organized to bring happiness into the lives of military wives.

Camille’s other company, Homemade Reckless has made their way into the Milso Box!

Power Wellness Coach is one of the Homegrown Happiness Co partners that specializes in how to be healthy and work out at home.

One of my sweet friends and a fellow Ranger wife, Caitlyn is the beautiful face behind Power Wellness Coach! She has everything you need to know about staying healthy and working out at home.

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