4 ways to avoid mastitis

Preventing mastitis in your breasts means avoiding a whirlwind of pain. If you have had mastitis, then I can definitely relate. It is horrible.. I definitely shed some tears. This post is still very relevant for those that have felt the wrath– use these tips in your battle to avoid ever getting it again!

Preventing Mastitis in Your Breasts

If you haven’t had to deal with mastitis yet, then you want to read this for sure. Imagine the feeling of engorgement, and then multiply the discomfort by about one thousand, and add on the fact that you can’t find relief. Believe me, you want to prevent mastitis in your breasts.

Manual Expression

The first way to avoid mastitis is combine manual expression with your other forms of relieving yourself. Manual expression is also commonly referred to as hand expression. You may find that when applying pressure to your breast after pumping, more milk comes out. It may seem like a small amount, but emptying the ducts is very important to avoid mastitis. You don’t need to press down hard, but instead gently massage your chest.

Change Your Pump Settings

Finding the perfect setting on your breast pump can be a real challenge. I have yet to meet a mom that really enjoys pumping, other than the relief that it brings! The exception being those mommies with teething babies hehe.

Your pump has an array of vacuum and cycle speeds to choose from. If pumping at one vacuum/cycle combination is painful, then slow things down. Don’t ever feel like you have to pump with the fastest speed or highest suction level.

If you continue to have pain while pumping, then measure your nipples to ensure the flange size is appropriate for your individual breasts.

Boiled Teabags

This is an old wives tale that I was advised about, but its worth a try! My aunt used caffeinated teabags on a regular basis to keep mastitis at bay. I followed her advice and boiled the tea bags, wrapped them in paper towels, and held them on my chest in the bath. You can put them in your bra, but the tea might stain your clothes. The heat feels amazing, but I’m not positive they work. Regardless of the lack of proof, maybe you’ll get a peaceful bath out of the ordeal!

Increased/ Lengthened Feedings

I know, you’re already looking for time in your schedule to go pee, and you don’t have twenty minutes to spare!! Unfortunately, I think this is my most prized piece of advice. I was always a rapid pumper, ten minutes and I was onto other things! I discovered the hard way that my body had other plans!

Don't be fooled by your breast pump

Just because you stop hearing the ‘spraying’ while you’re pumping doesn’t mean you’ve emptied your milk ducts. Just because your tot has stopped eating does not mean you’ve emptied your milk ducts. My point is that it is hard to make sure you’ve emptied your milk ducts! Try to make sure to pump after you breastfeed. If the milk stops flowing, then give it another minute or two.

If you figured out something else that worked for you, then drop a comment below. The suggestions in this article are as a result of my personal experience with mastitis. I hope to help other mothers prevent mastitis in their breasts. The suggestions in this article are merely my opinions. Please consult your doctor if you experience pain in your breast or pain while expressing!

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