5 ways to cure mastitis

If you are worried about having to cure mastitis, then I feel absolutely sorry for you! It’s unimaginably painful. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to head on over to my post on how to avoid mastitis! This is NOT the club you want to be in.

I know, I know.. No one warned you that this could happen!

As it turns out, there are a lot of things you don’t learn about until they happen to you and you start frantically searching Google with your laundry list of symptoms. Been there, done that. I don’t care to ever go back!!

Symptoms of Mastitis

If you’re anything like me, then you went from hero to zero in .5 seconds. You woke up feeling fine, and then you were sucker punched with a whole bunch of symptoms that felt exactly like the flu. You laid in bed shivering, and thinking that there was no possible way you could be coming down with that crap.

You got the flu shot. It isn’t flu season. You don’t have the time for the flu!

All of this while you have a very hungry baby that’s currently extremely unhappy with how slow you’re moving. I’m talking headache, nausea, cold chills, fever, dizziness, muscle pain, extreme weakness, and a very tender breast.

YES, that’s all at once! I feel you mama! I compiled a list of the things that brought about my glorious relief and kicked mastitis to the curb.

How to cure mastitis with a hot bath

Grab a rag and jump in the tub. Hold the rag on your chest and try to massage out the knot. The bath will feel great. The massage will feel like you’re dying. I found that when completely submerging my chest I was able to massage for a little longer at a time.

Keep in mind that you only need to massage softly to bring the blood flow back to the duct. You don’t need to massage for an hour at a time. A few minutes every few hours will help. If you can’t take ten showers a day like I was doing, then using a heating pad before the massage will help.

Using increased fluids for mastitis

You might feel like you’re going to drown with the amount of liquid you’re drinking, but keep going! This is the time when meeting that suggested daily water intake is so very important. You need to be pumping extra during this time, and your milk consists primarily of water, so you need to be drinking enough to compensate. I mean, you can’t think about how bad your boob hurts if you’re constantly having to run to pee!

How to cure mastitis with your partner’s help

It hurts. I can’t even lie and say that pumping will immediately relieve the pain. I shed real tears. Pumping and feeding your baby are two of the best ways to unclog the milk duct. The single best piece of advice I ever received was to suck it out. This brings immediate relief and the duct will empty itself almost completely. No, I’m not talking about using your baby or by pumping. If you’re unable to reach your own nipple, then ask your partner. This may sound disgusting, but I swear by this method.

curing mastitis with ice and heat

The doctor at the urgent care told me that I only needed to use heat, but my primary care doctor suggested using the heating pad and ice packs. Sounds like this is a personal preference! I chose to use both the heating pad and the ice packs because I figured nothing could possibly cause more pain than I was already in. I used heat before pumping and ice afterwards. The heat brought the blood flow up and made pumping a little less painful. Using ice after pumping was incredibly relieving, and even decreased my swelling. I preferred larger ice packs because I felt like my clogged duct was causing my entire breast to feel extremely hot.

antibiotics for mastitis

If you aren’t finding any relief with home remedies, then it is time to go to the doctor. Tell them what’s going on. Go a little crazy, and volunteer for the shot in the butt. The pain from the shot doesn’t hold a candle to the pain mastitis causes.

The longer you deal with mastitis, the worse the symptoms feel! Getting on an antibiotic will help you a ton if your condition is due to an infection in your duct. If your mastitis is caused by a clog in the duct, then your nipple will likely viciously spray milk upon being unclogged. In that moment the knot in your breast will begin to lessen, and within an hour the other symptoms will subside.

I hope these tips prove useful in your situation. What you are going through is horrible, and it is totally acceptable to complain. Feel better soon, mama! Reminder that I am not a health professional. This article contains my personal opinions. I am merely advocating for what worked for me, and suggesting my at home remedies.

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