Being in the 1st Ranger Battalion Family

Updated: Mar 24

The 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment family is truly one of a kind. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to be apart of such an intricate group of people in the Army. Now I won’t say that Bravo company is the best here at 1st Battalion.. BUT they’re pretty awesome. I will say that 1st Ranger Battalion as a whole is easily the best of the trio!

What are Army Rangers?

If you’re wondering what Army Rangers are, then this post probably won’t mean much to you. I wanted to release this to make the other battalions jealous.. I mean to let all the families of 1st Ranger Battalion know that they’re the best. 

Army Rangers are a specialized group within the United States Army. The men of the Ranger Battalion are elite. They’re the men you see in Savannah in the black chucks and board shorts. Or black chucks and jeans. Or black chucks and literally anything. They will wear their Converse with anything.

Life at 1st Battalion

1st Ranger Battalion is located in sunny Savannah, Georgia. You can tell by our city that we are the spoiled bunch. We have family events at the beach, so what more could you ask for in a military base? Savannah has a lot to offer the Ranger families, but it is the support within the community that makes 1/75 so unique. 

The Ranger Community

I didn’t know anyone when my husband and I PCSed to Savannah. I put off joining the  Family Readiness Group that I talk about in many of my military related posts, and I still regret that decision. The Ranger Community has been a huge blessing to my family, and I have talked to multiple families that agree. 

They have a way of pulling you in. You attend one event and suddenly realize you’ve penciled 4 more events into your agenda. Generally, Rangers don’t move as often as other military families, so we have more time to establish close-knit relationships.

The Ranger Community Leadership

The glue holding the community together and diligently working to include new families is most definitely the wonderful leadership. Lane Sandifer, the Chaplain, is a very inviting and prominent figure to the community. CPT Lane Sandifer and the Unit Ministry Team organizes incredible events like weekend getaways and luncheons for spouses to enjoy. Lane works hard to make sure the soldiers in the barracks are aware of what is going on and as an added bonus, his wife checks in with all of the Ranger Wives.  They’re an unstoppable team. They do so much behind the scenes for the families of 1st Ranger Battalion and we are truly blessed to have them.

Kalona Barker is the Family Readiness Technician. She has experienced the military life as a spouse, and works non-stop to engage not only with the ranger wives, but also with the kiddos. Kalona is always available. She works around the clock for us. When she joined the 1st Ranger Battalion family she had big shoes to fill. She was replacing a well-loved FRG leader, Ricky Potts. (I won’t talk about how Ricky ditched us for a promotion.. He deserved it, but he is missed!) Kalona stepped into those shoes, and never looked back.

The 1st Ranger Battalion is truly blessed with the best. 

If the day comes that my son wants to be an Army Ranger like his dad, then I’ll be okay with his choice. After all, the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment has a special place in our heart. 


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