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Updated: Mar 14

This year has been a rough one on the economy in the United States. With the spike of shut downs due to COVID-19, America is suffering. There is a way that we can continue to stimulate our economy during times like this, and that is by supporting businesses based in the USA.

How to support local businesses

Showing your support for a business can be done in multiple ways. While making a purchase definitely helps, there are other avenues. Share their social media posts on your feed. Comment and like their posts. Like and follow their pages. Keep them in mind and share the word if you see a friend looking for a particular product. Buy their products for yourself. Buy their products for gifts for others.

The benefits to shopping local

When you shop local you get to put a face with a business. Local business owners are willing to meet their customers. They want long-lasting connections. Would you rather be a number to a business, or a customer with a face and a name and a need? I’m voting that 100% of the time, you’re going with the latter. Shopping within the United States gives you that opportunity.

Locating businesses in the USA

I’m jumpstarting the process, and giving you a number of resources here, so there isn’t a valid excuse! Head over to the small business content section of my website, and you’ll have over 100 businesses right at your finger tips. As a huge bonus, I’m introducing you to a new one today! If you haven’t heard of them already, you need to look into Criterion Technology, Inc.

Criterion Technology, INC

Criterion Technology is highly-rated business a that offers injection molding in the USA. They are a long-standing company with over 29 years under their belt, so you know you’re going to receive top-notch products.

What is injection molding?

In simple terms, they manufacture enclosures for products like cameras, lighting equipment, and more. Have you ever noticed the enclosures that cover cameras in businesses so that customers can’t tell which way the camera is facing? They make those!

Their expertise goes deeper than how that example sounds, believe me! Their equipment is so high-tech that it is used by the military. The products they produce withstand extreme temperatures, rough oceans conditions, and other hard to manage situations without sacrificing image clarity. You can say that their products are truly designed with anything in mind. They have the resources to allow you to customize your covers to be certain colors, absorb shock, and even withstand explosions.

How can you take advantage of their product?

If you’re a business owner, then you need to invest in Criterion Technology, Inc. You depend on your security system to protect your business, and essentially all of your assets. If your cameras can easily be knocked over, turned, unhooked, or tampered with, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the line. When you cover your cameras with the high quality protective encasing that Criterion Technology, Inc provides, you are REALLY taking the steps to protect your business.

Do you need cameras outside? No problem, they have weatherproofing options. Do you need cameras near food? Great, they have chemical resistant nylon. Whatever your individual needs are, they customize the product to be exactly the answer to your problems.

If I were looking to protect a business, then I would choose to support Criterion Technology Inc. Their multiple five star reviews speak to their product claims. Their product follows through, in every situation.

What are you waiting on? Businesses based out of the USA desperately need your support. If you want quality right here at home, then make sure you’re buying local!

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