Career ideas that military life won’t disrupt

Updated: Mar 25

If you’re looking for a career that you can take around the globe with you, then check out these perfect career ideas for military spouses. You just settled in a new job and finally got around to making a friend? Well, then you probably have a PCS around the corner. Settling into careers as a military significant other is one big joke, unfortunately.

Virtual Careers for Military Spouses

Virtual careers are the best for anyone frequently traveling. If you’re good with a computer, then you’re in luck. The downside to virtual careers is the constant need for internet access. In my opinion, working virtually gives you less of an opportunity for time off because you can technically work from anywhere.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant can mean a number of things. Different jobs will require you to do different things. A few of the major virtual assistant jobs require email marketing, social media engagement, social media management, and blog post writing. Getting into virtual assisting can give you the opportunity to experience work in a number of career fields. Influencers, realtors, and brick and mortar stores hire virtual assistants. I've been sharing snippets about my experience as a virtual assistant, so you can take a look at those!

Virtual Teacher

There is no question that teachers rule the world, but it can be hard to teach as a military spouse due to state licensure requirements. If you want to continue teaching, then consider virtual opportunities. Three companies that will hire you to teach virtually are VIPkid, Edmentum, and Udemy. Not all virtual teaching companies require you to have your Bachelor’s degree in education.

In-person Career Opportunities

Not into staring at a computer screen all day? No problem! There are still tons of positions that require you to be present in the workplace.


Nursing is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing careers. Careers in the nursing field require a Bachelor’s degree, but according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities are expected to grow over 7% in the next ten years. One setback to the medical field is the educational requirements. You do need to be in one area for clinical work. Some nursing students complete their in person requirements by staying with family members, and their significant others move as geo-bachelors.


I wholeheartedly believe that military spouses should all consider starting their own business. There might be a million people who are already doing what you’re interested in starting, but you bring something to the table that no one else does. You will have your personal touches that make what you offer unique. Don’t let the fear of competition drive you away from starting your own business. I have a ton of free resources available to help you start your business and grow even while PCSing- so be sure to check those out here! A few services you could offer as a business owner: bookkeeping, social media management, data entry, housekeeping, errand running, babysitting, resume writing, photography. A few products to offer as a business owner: personalized shirts, themed party decorations, embroidery.

Military Spouse Preference

I wish every career field was as open to hiring military spouses, but unfortunately the world isn’t that fair. Employers aren’t legally allowed to turn you down because you’re a military spouse, but they’ll simply tell you that they found a better candidate for other reasons. If you know of any other careers for military spouses, then please drop your suggestions in the comments!

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