Christmas gifts for military kids

Updated: Mar 14

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you know how much I absolutely love small businesses. I’m mentioning a few more today! I’ve discovered a few veteran owned companies that have the sweetest products, so i’m including them here on my list of gift ideas for military kids.

Whether you’re looking for a military kid gift guide for upcoming birthdays, Christmas, or deployments, you can find what you need right here!

Books for military kids

If you haven’t already, you HAVE to check out the list of books I put together for all the military brats. There are books for deployments, moving, saying see ya later, and just to help you explain to your children what it means to be a soldier! Ya know, all of the hard subjects. We are an Army family, but I was nice enough to mention reading material for all the branches.

dolls for deployments

What is better than a personalized doll for your kid? I mean this is the perfect gift for military kids that are having a hard time with their parent being gone on deployment.

Customizable deployment dolls

The brand Daddy Dolls offers two sided dolls with voice recording for their dolls. You can even sponsor a doll for only $25! That is a great way to pay it forward for another family to be blessed with a sweet personalized doll.

A small business owner to look into supporting for deployment dolls is Jennifer with Udderly Custom. She offers her own version of deployment dolls that are called Hug-a-hero dolls. You do need an ETSY account to shop with Udderly Custom.

A third place to check out personalized dolls is on Budsies. They have multiple options for sizes and doll types, but they’re on the higher end when it comes to pricing. They do seem to offer some discounts on their website around the holidays, so keep that in mind! If it isn’t around the holidays, then you can always use the code MILITARYFAMILY for 10% off.

Another company with a unique spin on deployment dolls is Huggs To Go. The non-recordable dolls are only $15, so super affordable. Your doll comes in the fabric of whatever branch you choose, and you can put a picture in the face of the doll. A little less customized than some previous brands, but still totally precious and an affordable alternative!

Standard deployment dolls

A second Etsy shop that offers soldier dolls is Krafts by Kristie H. Her dolls are not customizable, but for only $5 they’re perfect stocking stuffers! You can choose which branch doll you want, but unlike some of the other companies you don’t have any options to add pictures or recordings. These are wonderful nonetheless!

Troop on the Stoop is a company that I recently discovered that makes awesome gifts for military kids. This veteran owned company is another one that gives you the option to donate a battle buddy to a military kid. They have female and male dolls available. As a bonus, their dolls even come with a storybook.

What gifts have you given to the military kids in your life? I love to hear about brands that are going above and beyond for service members and their families. Drop a comment below if you know of a brand you haven’t seen mentioned here on Homegrown Happiness yet!

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