Decorate Care Packages with Sea to Sea with Love

Sea to Sea with Love is a total game changer for anyone looking to spend a care package- whether that is to a friend a few states over, or to a service member overseas. When my husband and I experienced our first deployment in 2019 I had no idea what to expect. All I knew about deployments was that care packages are looked forward to.. Unfortunately, I had no idea about Sea to Sea with Love back then!

Drab care packages

Don’t be like me! I sent drab boxes that were mediocre at best. I mean the contents were unique, but it wasn’t decorated at all. This is where Sea to Sea with Love comes in! Rachelle Gaulke, the creator, takes care of the creativity so you can focus on picking up all the snacks. Some of my favorite of her designs were the Valentines Day sticker kits that included a design that the kids could color and decorate. Talk about pulling at my heart strings. You can check out my article with all of those designs over here.

The history behind Sea to Sea with Love

As it turns out, Rachelle recognized that feeling overwhelmed during deployment was more common than spouses care to admit. She prepared her family as best as she could, but when the time came she felt empty handed. Knowing that sending mail over seas can take upwards of two weeks, she wanted to get a jump on mailing a care package. She scrambled trying to create a theme and fill the box.

Of course her husband loved that care package, even though it was rushed, but Rachelle wanted to do better. She had a knack for creativity, and decided that the sillier the saying, the better the box! Rachelle was so nifty with theme ideas for care packages that she decided she would try her hand at helping other military spouses with their box assembly.. Sea to Sea with Love was born!

Who is Rachelle Gaulke?

Sea to Sea with Love is owned and operated by Rachelle Gaulke. She is the spouse of an active duty Navy service member that has been in for 15 years! AKA- they are super experienced in the military life!

She faced her first deployment 8 years into her marriage, and has been rocking Sea to Sea with Love ever since. (These love birds are actually coming up on their 10 year wedding anniversary in November 2020!)

When Rachelle isn’t working she’s hanging out with her kids. She is a mom of three, two girls and a boy. Her kids are very active and her business helps support their endeavors! They’re a very busy family and are constantly on the run, but when they’re home they’re munching on Mexican food or watching Netflix… Or maybe a little of both at the same time.

What does this business offer?

Sea to Sea with Love is a business for the entire military community to take advantage of! They offer decorated care package flaps to ease the stress on families and friends that are preparing care packages for deployed military members.

Don’t worry– these deployment package kits are great for anyone looking to support their loved one. You don’t have to be a military spouse for these stickers to show your appreciation because there are kits for all of your needs! Holiday specific kits, Lovey-dovey kits, pandemic inspired kits.. The list goes on! The decorated flaps come in two options– sticker kits or card stock kits.

Where to shop Sea to Sea with Love

Rachelle was kind enough to offer a discount code for Homegrown Happiness readers! You can use the code HOMEGROWNHAPPINESS in her Etsy shop for 15% off of your first order. You can keep up with Rachelle on Facebook or Instagram. Rachelle also offers her products on Spouse-ly, so you can check out a number of incredible businesses from the military community on there.

Rachelle is SO close to reaching her goal of 1000 sales on her Etsy shop. Make sure to support this wonderful military spouse owned small business. You get to send an awesome care package and you can feel great about shopping small.

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