Encouraging children to read with crafting character

Updated: Mar 14

As a child, I always remember my mom reading to me. I remember hours spent cuddled up in my twin bed with the same five books. I was always the kid begging for 15 books at the elementary book fairs.

Life got busy, and I just haven't devoted as much time to reading. When I found out I was pregnant with my son I knew I had to make a change. I mean, knew it would be a while before I was reading the captivating sci-fi novels that I used to be into, but I wanted to encourage reading for my son.

For Colt's baby shower I asked for my guests to bring a book instead of a card, and we were SO blessed. I've shared the sweet bookshelves that are hung in the nursery on multiple occasions on my Instagram because I just can't get enough of them. We've already spent many hours cuddled up together in the recliner in his room. I read to him while he was sitting comfortably in my belly, right on top of my bladder. I read to him during 1 AM feedings. I've read to him on evenings where we have had a long day. I try to read at least one book to him every single day.

Start Reading Early

Reading is important long before your child can talk. Books are a great tool to build hand-eye coordination in babies while they are also practicing their neck strength during tummy time.

Baby books are also a wonderful way to introduce textures to your child. Touch and feel baby books are super durable for the teething tots as well! When you introduce books to your baby as a toy, you will continue to hold their interest into toddlerhood.

Encouraging Reading Regularly

The truth is, if you want to raise a reader, then you have to make it fun. Sometimes my son is jumping on his trampoline while I'm reading to him. Those sweet moments cuddled together are few and far between because he is always on the move. When he does happen to sit in my lap while we are reading, I'm usually forced to read the book out of order because he wants to flip the pages before I'm done. Picture perfect reading isn't a thing. It shouldn't be. They're taking in the story without sitting perfectly still. Their little minds are remembering all of the words. They hear the emotion in your voice as you describe the way the car is rumbling down the street.

Reading is a Gift

Reading with my son has given me so many opportunities. Not only am I blessed to spend the time with him, but I'm also teaching him. We are learning our numbers by counting the sheep on the farm. We are learning our colors by identifying the rainbows on the pages. We are learning new animals and sounds and words and everything you can think of! Having the ability to supply my son with new books on a regular basis is such a gift. I always loved the classics as a kid, but I wanted my son to have a wide range of subjects to learn about, so I've been on the hunt for books outside of the regular chain!

Colten was recently gifted the sweetest book and character from Crafting Character. I wish I would've gotten a video of the sheer surprise on his little face when I pulled that big eagle out of the box and told him he could have it. We are a military family, so we decided to get the book on patriotism, but they offer so many character traits! Every trait comes with a precious friend to really help drive the message home.

With an upcoming deployment, I think Patriot Pete was the perfect surprise. A huge thank you to Crafting Character for sending us this awesome book to add to our military collection!

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