Free Online Educational Resources for Kids

The pandemic has normal education on pause, but thankfully, there are a bunch of free online educational resources for kids. In the American culture, people typically spend twelve years in school. Those numbers don’t account for anyone that attends pre-school, kindergarten, nor secondary education! Each year spent in school is comprised of around 1,000 hours of education. Here we are in 2020 trying to teach our kids 5 hours a week and STRUGGLING!

Reminders for parents

Juggling working from home along with parenting, teaching, and staying sane is a daunting task. The quarantine has proven to be much harder than anticipated.

Here are a few things to remember while you’re homeschooling:

You’re not a bad parent because you’re struggling with your kids’ assignments.

Teachers have a hard time keeping the entire class on task, too!

This too shall pass.

There are free online educational resources for kids that will help you keep your head on straight!

Free online educational resources for your kids

Online resources for quiet time

  1. Storyline– You can thank me later. This website is packed with famous people reading stories! Keep your children entertained in a more calm fashion.

  2. Storytime from Space– Reading is even more exciting when it happens in space! You can switch things up and still fit in story time.

Online resources with free trials

  1. ABC Mouse– This website is perfect for kids aged 2-8. You can try it out free for a month. They’re temporarily offering a discount for anyone that wants to buy the subscription.

  2. Babbel- Your kids can learn another language with Babbel. They’re offering people 3 months free when they sign up right now. Their lessons are for all grade levels.

websites for virtual field trips

  1. Children’s Museum of Manhattan– This museum has daily themes for their videos. One example of a theme is learning about cultures in other countries and their holidays. The activities can be done independently by older children, or family-friendly for younger kids!

  2. Scholastic Learn At Home– You may not be able to leave your house, but you can travel the world online! There are education categories for grade levels pre-k through high-school.

  3. Google tours- These Google tours are perfect for the art lovers. You can virtually tour the Musee d’Orsay in Paris with your family. Take an online trip to New York and see the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. Walk through the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

  4. Zoo fieldtrips- Knowing how much kids love to see their favorite animals, the Cincinnati Zoo has taken their safari explorations to Youtube. The Philadelphia Zoo is providing animal meet and greets on their Facebook page. Meet animals and learn about them from the comfort of your couch.

Online resources that encourage play

  1. Tinkergarten– You can sign up for free for this resource that promotes outside learning. You can spend less time inside in front of the TV or computer with this awesome website that provides tons of outdoor activities.

  2.– It was only right that joined the club in providing free learning resources. They have articles to help parents create structured play that promotes learning.

  3. Martial Arts Classes- If you’re familiar with Instagram, then check out Sakura Kokumai. She teaches weekly martial arts classes that are geared towards kids.

  4. Cosmic Kids Yoga- One of the best Youtube resources I’ve ever seen is Cosmic Kids Yoga. Each of their videos are themed and they are absolutely hilarious.

  5. America’s Test Kitchen for kids– Since your kids are stuck at home with you, it is a great time to teach them some lessons in the kitchen. These are interactive cooking lessons for kids.

  6. Online Music Classes- Older kids can learn to play an instrument while they’re stuck at home. L’il Maestros online music classes are providing 5-week lessons and some famous musicians show their faces!

Online resources with learning worksheets

  1. Lakeshore– If you want to keep your kids’ brains fresh during summer, then check out Lakeshore. This website offers a bunch of printable worksheets that teach school subjects!

  2. Thames and Kosmos– One popular kid-friendly science kit business has taken the time to create printable worksheets for science experiments at home.

  3. Pest World- For the kiddos that enjoy the creepy crawlies, there is Pest World for kids. There are learning videos as well as printable resources.

Homeschooling while working from home can be a challenge, but thankfully a number of great companies have stepped up to help parents. Take advantage of these free online educational resources! How are you keeping your kid’s brains engaged during long breaks from school?

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