Is branding important for a business?

Updated: Jun 25

If you know anything about becoming a successful business owner, then let it be this: branding is essential! You want your branding to be so memorable that people can see a post on social media and know it is yours without seeing what account it came from.

What is branding your business?

Branding your business is the bread and butter of the marketing side of success. It can be your logo, your color scheme, your font choice, or a combination of the three. Those three pieces should be universal to your website as well as your social media pages and promotional material. Promotional material includes product labels, stickers, business cards, etc.

Think of branding like your golden ticket to the chocolate factory. You want it to be so widely known and people to get excited when they see it. Your long-term business goal should be to have branding that is so profound that you are recognized in a similar fashion.

How to brand your business

Are you realizing now that you need to brand your business, or maybe re-brand? That is fine! Consider budgeting for a social marketing company to handle that aspect of things. They will ask you about your interests and business goals, and help you to establish a color scheme and font bundle that will start your branding on the right foot. I highly recommend professionals for social marketing because a good business will know how to help you reach clients in your area, organically. Facebook and Instagram paid ads can really become a habit hole, and you can invest a substantial amount of money without seeing a return in profit.

If you're eager to handle the branding of your business by yourself, then you still need to think about outsourcing the photography aspect of things. Whether you sell car parts or painted rocks- your pictures need to speak 1000 words. You want a clear cut image that accurately represents the quality of the product. You want your product to be jumping off the page at people. How can you achieve that? Ding ding, a professional photographer. Not only do you need someone that is handy with a camera and knows great lighting positions, but you need someone who is just as familiar with the editing portion.

Professional photography for branding

Armanko Photography is an excellent business to look into. They offer high quality branding through their photography. They are top tier when it comes to skill, and have a large studio that can accommodate projects of all kinds! Yes, even those extra large pieces that you need pictures of! They have a huge bay door at their studio for them to be able to effortlessly accommodate clients with pieces of all sizes. Armanko Photography is so well-known that they work with clients nationwide. You do happen to get lucky if you're in the state of Georgia because you're within driving distance of their 3000-sq ft facility where they offer all of their photography and videography services. Some of their work includes infographics, commercial branding, and clean white product photography in Atlanta. Their website says that they offer unique imagery to help you tell your story and promote your business, and that is exactly what they're achieving!

Make your business memorable

Branding is essential. Invest in a high quality photographer to help showcase your products, and then shoot for recognizable branding with color schemes and font choices. Don't forget that branding is important no matter what stage of the game you're in! Even if your business has been around for a while, sometimes re-branding really helps to broadcast your business to a new type of clientele.

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