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Updated: Mar 30

I recently brought you some resources on moving to the Atlanta, Georgia area and buying a home. I'm back again with more information on the great peach state! If life in Atlanta is on your to-do list for a short period, then keep reading!

Atlanta is a corporate hub

Atlanta has always been a bustling city. As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta has become a hub for corporate life. It is home to many well-known corporations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Equifax, and The Home Depot. Thank goodness for the ginormous Atlanta airport. Many of these companies have employees coming and going on a regular basis for meetings and trainings.

Some people stay in an extended stay hotel and continue their day to day life without interruption- that isn't me! Staying in a hotel automatically turns my body into travel mode. I don't feel like I have my own space to relax, and I just don't sleep as well. Without the ability to unwind, your work suffers. How can you establish that delicate work-home balance when you're a regular visitor, but only staying in Atlanta for a few months at a time?

Renting furnished apartments

If you don't plan on staying in Atlanta for more than a year, then you probably aren't interested in purchasing a home- and that makes perfect sense! It is a seller's market right now, and renting might be the better option for your finances. One of the drawbacks of renting is knowing that you'll have to pack your life up within a certain amount of time, and need to move all of your stuff to a new place. The thought of moving right now makes me want to crawl in bed and hide. Moving is exhausting to say the least. A popular option for people who share my dislike for moving is to look into Furnished Apartments Atlanta!

Furnished apartments are the ultimate escape for those in corporate America who frequently travel to Atlanta, but only stay a few months at a time. Having a furnished apartment to come home to after work will give you the sense of stability that keeps your mind at ease while traveling. No worrying about having your things out of the way for cleaners to revamp your hotel room. No tiny hotel bathroom that you're scared to take a bath in. You have your own space to come home to and relax in, and you never have to worry about purchasing or moving furniture. Atlanta GA corporate housing understands how important it is to get you out of feeling like you're on vacation mode, so you can stay focused on your work.

Atlanta is pet-friendly

One of the coolest parts of staying at any of the apartments provided through Furnished Apartments is the fact that you can bring your dog or cat with you! A huge downfall to traveling for work is not being able to take your furry friend most places. Finding a pet sitter for an extended amount of time is extremely hard, but they make it where you don't have to worry about that.

While you're staying in Atlanta, make sure you check out the dog-friendly places. Piedmont dog park or Fetch park are great for an afternoon outside. For food and furry friends you can head over to Treehouse Restaurant and Pub, Brewhouse Cafe, The Family Dog, or Neighbors Pub. What is better than pups and a great meal?!

I'd love to hear what adventures you get into while you're escaping the corporate hustle and bustle of Atlanta! And whatever you do- don't get on the highway! It is more like a parking lot.

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