Limiting your stress as an entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 25

Do you ever feel like running a business is getting the best of you? Like you're just not reaching as many people as you should be, or you're just not hitting the numbers you were hoping for? It happens. It isn't just you. One of the biggest hurdles you'll face will be limiting your stress as an entrepreneur.

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Business Organization is a must

One of my biggest tips for entrepreneurs, or those planning to start a company, is to stay on top of their business organization. This sounds like a simple process, but when you get into the thick of things you forget the small aspects that made your life easier. You start focusing on reaching numbers, releasing new products, and you forget how important it is to keep your ducks in a row.

Long-term organization is best done with a calendar system. I carry an agenda around with me, but some people prefer to do their planning on their phones. I even know people who utilize both - those are what we call overachievers lol! I don't see a benefit to a paper agenda system in comparison to a virtual agenda as long as you're making sure you're keeping note of important things. I remember things better when I write them down, but you might find you can remember things just as easily typing them up.

Know when to admit that you need help

Touchy subject here, but I want to be transparent in all of the information I provide. You have to promise yourself that you'll be willing to seek out help if you start feeling like you're in over your head. Have you been digging yourself a hole without realizing it? Limiting your stress as an entrepreneur might have you seeking out help in a few different forms.

An extra set of hands

Is an extra set of hands the help you need? It is if your business has taken you captive. I get it, it is so hard to know when to walk away.. To take a vacation.. To take time for yourself. These are essential if you want your business to be around long-term. You have to learn to delegate for your mental health. If you can't afford an extra set of hands, then you need to revisit your availability calendar, and limit the amount of customers that you're taking on. People want to see your best work, not the work you do when you're stressed to the max and trying to scrape up every customer's dime that you can get your hands on.

An extra set of ears

If you feel like you can do without the physical help, what about your mental health? I'm a huge mental health advocate, and I think it is something that is rarely spoken about in the business world. Oh no, I'm totally fine even though I work 14-hour days, 7 days a week.. That is a lie, and we all know it. You're not giving your business and your customers your best when your mental health is struggling. Counseling is a great way to relieve some built up stress as an entrepreneur. That extra set of ears might be what helps you to launch your next top-seller. Sure, an ADHD therapist in Atlanta isn't the person you're going to bounce business ideas off of, but they're going to be there to help you create coping mechanisms that will help you achieve a better focus.

Restorative Counseling Services

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Restorative Counseling Services is a wonderful option for business owners that need to re-focus on their mental health. They have a team of licensed counselors to make sure that you can be paired with a specialist who can best help you with your needs. They provide treatment for OCD, anxiety, ADHD, all the way to family and adolescent therapy.

One of the best attributes of their facility is the fact that they offer counseling 7-days a week from 8AM to 8PM. Entrepreneurs don't get to work a 9-5 schedule, and they're understanding of that! You pick a time that works for you, and you can schedule your 50-minute sessions as often as you'd like. Restorative Counseling Services is accepting new patients in-person and online, so there's no excuse why you can't reach out to them!

Limit your stress

Starting a business is the easy part in the grand scheme of things. Limiting your stress as an entrepreneur is one of the hardest parts of navigating life as a business owner. Your mental health cannot take the back burner if you want your business to be successful long-term.

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