Living in Georgia

Updated: Apr 6

Are you considering making a move to the peach state? While I truly love living here, the cost of living in Georgia as a whole is on the rise. If you want to make the move, then you need to make sure your finances are ready!

cost of Living in Atlanta, Georgia

According to research on Zumper, the average rent price in Atlanta, Georgia for a one bedroom apartment is $1,497. Atlanta has seen a 3% increase since 2020. Zumper is a great way to look into the current market prices for housing because they regularly update their data. They also break down the average rent prices by general neighborhood, so if you have an idea of where you want to live around Atlanta you can prepare your finances.

Housing in Atlanta

If you're not sure what neighborhood area you're interested in, they provide you with research on the most affordable, most expensive, and most popular neighborhoods. They make it very convenient by giving you the option to browse the current listings for each of those categories. Each of the categories have listings for both homes and apartments, so you can easily find a place that will fit your family's needs. They've even broken listings down into those that are pet-friendly, so you don't risk falling in love with a place and finding out later that they won't let you bring your furry friend.

After you find a place that fits .your needs, you can reserve it through Zumper for 24-hours. The fee is small, and it gives you the chance to tour it virtually and make the final decision. I love the fact that you can go as far as applying online. Zumper gets back to you within 24-hours to let you know whether or not your application was approved. Need to move quickly? They've got everything you need to make that possible.

Things to do in Atlanta

There are a number of benefits to laying down roots in Atlanta. Georgia's capital is growing like a wildfire. There are so many things to do in Atlanta. Whether you're visiting or living in Atlanta, you have to see Ponce City Market. It is a gorgeous repurposed Sears catalogue facility that has restaurants, shopping, and apartments. Ponce City Market is so huge that the roof is its own theme park area called Skyline Park. The Georgia Aquarium is another great option for family-friendly entertainment in Atlanta.

Use Zumper for your next move

Zumper has data for a number of popular cities, so even if you aren't headed to Atlanta, you can still use their data to prepare for your move. Easily find your next house, apartment, or room for rent wherever you're moving! If you find that you have any questions about moving to Georgia, then feel free to reach out to me on Homegrown Happiness social media or by email! I'm an North Carolina native, but military life brought my husband and I here!

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