Military books for kids

Updated: Mar 23

From one military spouse to another, I think these are the absolute sweetest military books for kids. I started my collection of stories at my son’s baby shower by requesting a book instead of a card. So many people were kind enough to bring the most precious baby books. My son actually has 6 book shelves in his room that are overflowing classic stories. As he has gotten more interested in looking at all of the pictures, I decided it was time to get more books related to the military lifestyle! He loves to see his daddy in uniform, and I knew it would excite him to see all of the big trucks.

Disclaimer: This article does have some affiliate links in it. By making a purchase through one of the links below I could receive a small commission. The commission doesn't cost you anything extra!

Military Children's Books

Here is all of my research on the best books for military kids from all branches! Side note– Good luck making it through these books without crying.. Especially during a deployment.. OOPS! ( I made this mistake myself)

  • Night Catch

  • Hero Dad

  • H is for Honor

  • Buddy The Soldier Bear

  • I’ll Lend You My Daddy

  • I Love You Near and Far

  • A Paper Hug

  • Moving Day

  • Goodnight Marines

  • Lily Hates Goodbyes

  • Momma’s Boots

  • Daddy’s Boots

  • Hero Mom

  • God Bless our Country

  • When You Are Away

  • I Miss You

  • A Hero Lives in my Family

  • Countdown Til Daddy Comes Home

  • My Daddy is a Sailor

I also want to add that Crafting Character's book on patriotism is awesome! We were gifted the book recently, and it comes with an activity for your child to do with the stuffed animal (Pete the Patriotic Eagle).

Deployment Journals

If you’re facing a deployment with an older child, then you should consider getting them a deployment journal. I think these are awesome for encouraging your child to be honest about the way that they feel.

Books for Military Families

These books really help explain the military lifestyle in simpler terms. Sometimes we just don’t know how to describe what mommy or daddy is doing while they are at work. Thankfully, there are also some books to cover things like having to move! As a family, we have decided that we will always be very honest about what Travis has to do when he goes away, but we still want to make sure we are explaining it in terms that our son will truly understand.

Make sure you also check out my list of books that military spouses should read! I know we don’t have much time to indulge in reading, but even if you only read for 20 minutes a day, you’ll love these books!

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