Military deployment money

Updated: Mar 14

Most of the time when you hear about deployments it is wives talking about the emotional strain. While that is true, there are other points to be made. Your family really needs to have a savings account for deployment expenses. Military deployment money might be the blessing you didn't see coming!

Deployment expenses to expect

Look, another big spending shopping trip for service members! My husband had to spend quite a bit of money before he left. Thankfully, we have a savings account set aside for things of that nature. I talked to many families who had no idea to expect such a long list of things to be purchased before their husbands deployed.

  • Internet pucks – I definitely advise purchasing one of these online as soon as you hear talk of deployment. I couldn’t find them in stores anywhere.

  • Internet package- Unfortunately, the price gouging doesn’t stop after you buy the puck. If there isn’t wifi, then you have to purchase service through the puck.

  • Dip- We spent a small fortune.. A small fortune....

  • Linens- If your loved one is expecting cold weather then this list might be longer, but my husband took a set of twin sheets, a pillow, and a woobie blanket.

  • Combat boots (AR670-1 boots for the Army)

  • Clothing- this list is definitely a personal one. My husband ended up buying more PT shorts, socks, and underwear.

If your spouse discovers that they’re in need of more uniforms for deployment, then they should check with local military surplus stores. Buying from the PX doesn’t always save you money. Another suggestion is to check with friends that aren’t deploying to see if they could purchase or borrow uniforms from them.

Care package Items to skip

If you want to be helpful, don’t load your service member down with things like foot powder and hand sanitizer. They have a small space to call their own, and things like that just get thrown away. Odds are, they’ll have a TV in their room and access to a shower- things aren’t too shabby over there! Prep them with a few snacks and things on the list above. You can go ahead and get an early start on decorating care packages for the holidays and special events they’ll miss!

military deployment Money to be made

Wondering what to do with deployment money? If you play your cards right, you can easily make back those pre-deployment expenses. The benefit of deployments is definitely the per diem, hazard pay, and all the little add ins of that nature. Deployment pay is a good opportunity to start your family a rainy day fund. Save for college, post-deployment leave vacations, or a new home (you better use that VA loan!)!

Face this fact now– you won’t be able to save all of it. After spending time on deployment, service members deserve the opportunity to do nice things with the money they made. Everything is nice in moderation. Pay down your debt, but make sure to leave a little aside for them to enjoy something new. Maybe buy a new TV, or get a sound system for your car, whatever you’re into!

You’ve got pre-deployment expenses and then you turn around and get hit with the deployment curse, so make sure you’re saving where you can! These care package tips might come in handy to help you save money while still doing special things for deployed loved one.

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