Military families should know these things about the housing market

Are you REALLY aware of all the benefits you have while buying or selling your home as a veteran? There are a few tricks that will keep the housing market on your side whether you're purchasing or selling a house.

Work with a lender that knows your benefits

One of the most important tricks to making sure you're going to benefit from the housing market is to make sure you're working with a military mortgage lender. They will be able to offer you competitive rates while also making you aware of all of the benefits you have in connection to your time in service. I recommend looking into Veterans Lending Group for their extensive knowledge and free resources. They can lend in all 50 states, so don't worry if they don't have a physical location in your area.

Selling your home as a military family

Be a decent seller. Don't waste money doing whole home makeovers like painting every room or replacing all of the flooring. Instead, make adjustments that are more universal for your home like replacing/ repairing the roof or the windows. If you feel like the flooring or the painting needs some TLC, then consider giving the buyers an allowance towards making those changes to their liking. Odds are, they would be excited to see that money go towards the paint colors or flooring that suits their style.

Military home buying benefits

There are a few military home buying benefits that are relevant to anyone looking to buy a home. This doesn't make them any less important for the military, but I wanted to touch base on them here because military families are often rushed while exploring the housing market. You can check out how my family's military home buying experience went here.

List out the pros and cons when deciding between houses

If you've got the exciting opportunity to decide between houses, try to be blatantly honest when listing out the pros and cons of each property. How long is your commute to work/ school? Is the property in a good school zone? Are either sellers willing to pay towards closing or repairs? What is the crime rate in the area? Do you have HOA fees for either home? Those questions should get you started.

Always keep a home's roof age in mind

I know you really want the house, but is it going to be worth it to be stuck with a fat repair bill when there is a roof leak? Try to work it into the seller's agreement to have the roof replaced or repaired before you move in. These numbers are very dependent on the weather in the area that you're moving into, but generally speaking this is how long you can expect a roof to last: composition shingles 12-20 years, asphalt shingles 15-30 years, and metal roofs 50-75 years. If the roof shows signs of wear, call Greater American Roofing.

Greater American Roofing

Reaching out to Greater American Roofing has so many benefits. They offer free inspections and estimates, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. As a second benefit, they're a veteran owned company, so you both have that military familiarity in common. We all know how important it is to support veteran owned businesses. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a ton of 5-star Google reviews if you want to read about the positive experiences other families have had.

When buying a home, inspectors will do a general home inspection for you to make sure there aren't any huge issues that make the home unfit to live in. If you want a business to be honest about the state of the roof, then you need roof inspection in Alpharetta, GA. They are familiar with residential roofs, gutters, siding, and commercial roofs, so you can feel comfortable with them taking care of your home needs.

The housing market tips you need

I hope these tips helped you with your decisions on buying or selling a home as a military family. It is so stressful to pack up and move with such short notice, and you can often find yourself buying in a pinch. Don't make the mistake of buying a home that comes with a repair bill you were never expecting! Make sure that you have Greater American Roofing check out the roof for you, so you're not fixing leaky roof repairs when you should be settling into your new home.

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