Small businesses owned by military spouses

Updated: Mar 25

I’ve arranged a master list of small businesses run by military spouses, so you can easily shop small and support the military community. There are spouse owned small businesses as well as MLM connections within the military spouse community. We all know Uncle Sam doesn’t pay much!

Thank you to all of the businesses that provided their information for this post.

While you’re at it, take a look at my master list of veteran owned small businesses!

companies owned by military spouses

Self care based businesses

Soap and Tonic - Specialty bath products

That Darn Hair Electrolysis - UT based hair removal


Bailey Williams Photography - Charlotte, NC based

Taylor Dawn Photography - Fort Bragg, NC based

Camryn Hollar Photography - Savannah, GA based

K.Horton Photography - Savannah, GA based

Personalized Gifts

Two Far From Home - Clay earrings

Batten and Bale - Personalized gift boxes for every occasion


Sea to Sea with Love - Care package stickers

Sweethart Macrame

Mountaingate Creations

Atom Socks

Jenessa’s Scrapwood - Wood signs and creations

Valor and Vinyl - Personalized vinyl items

MILSO Box - Subscription box for first responder / milspouses

Bitty Bear Designs

Aim High Photography

All The Way Embroidery - Embroidered items

Fair Winds Candle Company - The best smelling candles ever


DW Consulting

Content Creators

The Lewnited States

It's A Military Life

These small businesses owned by military spouses are so deserving of your support. Many spouses choose to open their own business in an effort to support their families, and also to have the flexibility of being able to easily relocate their work. The military doesn’t care where you work as a spouse, so being able to pack up and move your job with you across the country is a huge plus.

Another great place to look for small businesses owned by military spouses and veterans is on Spouse-ly! All of the Spouse-ly vendors are from the military community. Be sure to check out the product and service providers on there.

Military Spouses providing MLM connections

ZYIA Active Wear - Kelley Bouchard

Now you know exactly who you need to contact when you want to purchase from a company like Avon or other MLMs. Support a military spouse on their side hustle!

Don’t be fooled– Owning your own business or working from home does NOT mean that everyday is a vacation. We work late into the night to keep up with our customers. There aren’t any paid vacation days in this lifestyle!

How to support small businesses

The majority of companies that are owned by military spouses are primarily online businesses for ease of transfer. Check with these businesses for whatever you’re looking to purchase before you run out to a chain store like Target or Walmart.

If you are not in the place to make a purchase, but you have friends looking for a particular product, then recommend some military spouse owned small businesses! Share their posts and products to increase their viewership.

You’re helping a military family decrease their stress level by shopping small with them. Relocating and needing to find a new job is tiresome, and can cause families to end up in a financial crisis. Money sure doesn’t grow on trees!

If you have connections to a small business run by a military spouse, then please reach out to me! I look forward to featuring your favorite military spouse small businesses.

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