How to rank higher on Google

Updated: Mar 23

Are you struggling with your website? Do you feel like you just aren't getting the engagement you were hoping for? Here are some great suggestions to show you how to rank higher on Google!

Disclaimer: This article does have some affiliate links in it. By making a purchase through one of the links below I could receive a small commission. The commission doesn't cost you anything extra!

Why worry about your site being seen on Google

Ranking on Google is a great way to increase your clientele without breaking your back on social media. (I do think social media is important, so i've written a whole article to tell you why) Social media is fun, but the algorithms are constantly changing and it can get extremely overwhelming. I was recently locked out of my Instagram account and I'm having to start everything all over again. It is a daunting experience that truly made me want to give up Instagram all together.. Two years worth of work was gone in a flash. With Google, that is MUCH less of a worry.

If you're worried about Google, then you are a self-hosted site owner. You have a host company that you depend on to keep your site live, but you own your domain, and it is essentially yours. You don't have to deal with the stress of being locked out of your social media on a borrowed website. Google isn't constantly changing their algorithms and making you learn a new process to be a ranking site. Content on Google is much more evergreen than it is on social media.

Using keywords Google likes

Keywords and keyword phrases seem a little bit daunting to some. Don't let them overwhelm you! Essentially, you want to think of a 2-5 word phrase that is commonly searched on Google. That phrase needs to be relevant to your content as well as being a sought after subject on Google.

So how can you add keywords to your website? Keywords can be used in a number of ways on your website. For example: blog posts, headings, and descriptions. When you use keywords you are optimizing your website. Essentially, you're making Google want to crawl your website on a regular basis and show your content to its users! Keywords are similar to hashtags on Instagram.

Ranking on google with website clicks

How can you get website clicks before your article is trending with keywords? Easy! Engagement groups are a stress free way to increase your audience, and have Google scan your site more often. The best engagement group for website owners is this one on Facebook. I am a moderator in the group.

The group owner, Jill Colby, runs her own marketing company. Not only does she provide you with the opportunity to grow your website on Google, but she also drops tidbits of important information in the group on a regular basis. If you aren't a member, I absolutely recommend you join! She teaches you how to drop your links in a way that is most beneficial for your site, so don't worry if you're confused about the process!

Learn more about growing your business

Stick around for more information on growing your business! Be sure to request to join the Facebook group so you're the first to know about all the high value information that Jill is sharing!

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