Saving Big Money on Vinyl Craft Supplies

Updated: Mar 15

I’ve always had a thing for deals and saving money (Thanks to my crazy coupon lady mama). Crafting and saving money typically don’t go together, but I’m here to show you my favorite deals and dupes so you can start saving big money vinyl on craft supplies.

Today’s focus is vinyl craft supplies, but I will be sharing more information on where I purchase my other supplies soon.

Disclaimer: This article does have some affiliate links in it. By making a purchase through one of the links below I could receive a small commission. The commission doesn't cost you anything extra!

Regularly save money

Recently my former college roommate and gal pal over at Organically Catherine decided to put our brains together and start sharing all of our favorite finds. We started a Facebook group called Deal Hunting Happiness, so we could easily share the latest deals.

Honestly, we really don’t believe in paying full price! And you shouldn’t either. As a bonus, we are sharing tons of awesome dupes in the group as well. Make sure you join, so you don’t miss out on anything because I won’t be posting everything on the blog… With a toddler and a business, it is too much to type twice!

Tips for saving money on vinyl craft supplies

Mini heat press

If you haven’t heard already, heat transfer vinyl is really the go-to for crafters. The selection of colors and patterns is much larger than its vinyl counterparts, but you may feel limited as to what you can successfully heat press… Not anymore! Along comes the Cricut easy press mini, so you can use heat transfer vinyl on smaller or odd shaped objects like hats or mugs without needing a special heat press that can only be used with a single type of item. Don’t pay name brand prices here. Opt for the Steamfast mini iron instead of the Cricut easy press mini. In my experience, it works great!

Full-sized heat press

I think choosing a Cricut brand heat press versus another brand that offers a full-sized heat press is buyers choice here. I have this heat press from Amazon. It has the same capabilities as the Cricut brand with the exception of the fact that I do not need to apply the pressure with my heat press. With some projects you need to really press down on the item when you’re applying heat. If you use the Cricut brand heat press you’ll have to apply the pressure yourself. With my heat press I simply swing it shut, and close the bar down. I set the timer, and I can walk away without fear of my project not having gotten the pressure it needed to adhere.

Vinyl Suppliers

I can’t stand the Cricut brand vinyl. For such a successful company, you’d think that they would have the most outstanding vinyl choices, but they absolutely don’t. I like Starcraft vinyl as well as Siser and Oracal 651. I’ve even tried brands from Amazon with success. What I prefer may not be what you like best, but the focus here is saving money!

First and foremost, check out Troy Young and the guys over at I’m not an affiliate, but I have about 34567 fellow crafters that absolutely swear by them, and their prices are amazing.

If you’re in a pinch and desperately need vinyl fast, then go for Amazon. I think this Craftables brand is always really nice. I also snag my transfer tape off of Amazon. This clear transfer tape seems to always have the best amount of stickiness!

What are your biggest hacks for saving money on vinyl craft supplies? While you’re at it, send me all of your craft room inspiration. I’m about to turn the nook of my laundry room into a craft corner, so pray for my patience with my husband!

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