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Updated: Mar 14

So maybe you aren’t ready for all that comes with joining your Family Readiness Group. There are still a number of ways to support the FRG without serving as a more permanent member! We get it!  You have toddlers or jobs or a needy husband (LOL– that is actually all of us).  Maybe you are just a really shy person. You don’t have to volunteer to be a part of the FRG.

Join the Facebook Groups

It is a lot easier for us to get information out with the help of social media.  Try to locate your FRG groups, and join them! They will be a great resource for staying on track with events and fundraisers. Facebook allows for events to be both private and public, and you can easily add a ton of people to an event and see their response. Sometimes emails slip between the cracks and end up in junk folders, and people miss the opportunity to attend!

Attend Events

Please, come join us! I promise we don’t bite. Okay, well some definitely do! But for the most part we are a very friendly group of people. If you give events a chance, then I guarantee you will love them much more than you thought you would! We get together for luncheons, we play bunco, we have paint nights, we hang out at the park, and that is only the beginning. Not all of the events are costly. Most of the time the events just request that you bring a dish, but if you can’t, then that is fine too! JUST SHOW UP!

If you consistently have a schedule that is conflicting with events, then request that an event take place at a time that would work for you! I will say that if you do that, then please SHOW UP! You can’t complain about something that you aren’t taking part in.

We don’t care what you wear. We don’t care what you bring. Shoot, I’ve taken McDonalds fries as my dish! It is all about getting together as adults and taking a break from the chaotic lives we live.

Support Fundraisers

So you claim that you are too busy for events, okay! I used to say that very same thing, so I know thats a lie, but fineeeee. Whatever your reason is– You can still support fundraisers from the comfort of your couch at 10 pm while you sip on your coffee, watch your Hallmark movies, listen to your husband complain that he can’t find something for the ‘umptenth time, and act like your children aren’t tearing your house down around you. Order the t-shirt. Or maybe you don’t need t-shirt number 34893, but you can still share the post. Help your Family Readiness Group get the word out about the fundraiser. 

Proceeds from the fundraiser help support the fun events that the rest of us love to be apart of. 

We want to meet you! We want to put a face with a name. Come hang out with us, and experience the fun that is the FRG. I love the FRG so dearly that I wrote a number of posts to explain what the FRG is and what kind of events you can expect to participate in!

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