Teaching children to speak

Updated: Mar 14

Every parent looks forward to the first babbles. The sweet baby goos and gaas in between gummy smiles. Before you know it they move from mama and dada to full on sentences. A lot of parents don't talk about that stage in between single words and sentences. There is a lot of frustration, guessing, and toddler language.

Teaching children to speak

Teaching your baby to talk isn't as easy as it seems. Like everything in life, there is a lot of practice involved. Talking can be a frustrating thing for both baby and parent. I know there was a month where my son was extremely irritated while playing. His limited ability to form words that I understood combined with not being able to understand why his toy didn't do what he wanted resulted in tears and anger. It was a hard thing to watch as his mom. I wanted him to be independent and make his toy work, but it was tough to watch him cry and throw his toy. In the beginning my husband and I were scolding him for throwing his toys. I completely regret doing that. It was a lack of understanding combined with an inability to communicate- two things we should have been working on with Colt.

I'm blessed to be able to work from home. I get to spend extra time with my little boy, and I'm putting more emphasis on the time we spend learning. I'm not expecting Colten to sit down with flashcards or know all the state capitals, but I'm doing more to make learning interesting for his age. Not all parents are able to do that. I couldn't imagine working full-time outside of the home and creating learning activities for my child on a mere trial and error basis.

Speech therapy

You are not a failure as a parent if your child is struggling with their speech. Parenting isn't a walk in the park. Allowing a professional to assess your child's needs will ensure that you can identify their specific situation as well as target a plan to help them. Speech therapy in Atlanta can introduce practice methods that are specialized to help with your child's unique needs. Implementing their suggestions in your home life will allow you to better help your kiddo.

The professionals at Talk About Therapy can help with more than speech and language therapy. They work with families who are in need of feeding therapy as well as those who need tongue or lip tie therapy. You can easily schedule a free consultation on their website. They're ready to help with your picky eater. They can make a plan of action for your developmentally delayed child. Even if you feel like your child is in need of a little extra boost, then you should check into Talk About Therapy for speech therapy!

Therapy shouldn't be taboo

I have always been one to encourage therapy of all types, and I think Talk About Therapy has so much to offer. Some parents feel like looking into therapy for their child means something is wrong. Whether that be wrong with them as a parent because their child isn't performing according to recommended guidelines for children their age or that something is wrong with their child. The truth of the matter is that some children work better with other adults.. I think a lot of parents have learned that during the pandemic while having their children home in virtual learning.

Sometimes we aren't the best teacher for our kids. We weren't all made to be teachers! We can teach them to be good people, but we can't always explain every subject. We can't always be the one with the idea that makes the lightbulb go off in their head.. And that is okay. It takes a tribe to raise a child. Let the therapists at Talk About Therapy into your tribe. Give them the opportunity to help your child. After all, a large part of what makes you a good parent is always wanting what is best for your babies.

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