The benefits to base housing

Updated: Mar 23

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Ya know, the mold, crazy neighbors, and thinks like that. As it turns out, there truly are some benefits to living in base housing! I'm also posing a list of questions to help you make the decision for your next duty station.

How does base housing work?

Be honest with yourself, can you afford NOT to live on base? If you find that you struggle with personal finances, then living in base housing will be your saving grace. You don't get to see your BAH because it goes directly to housing. That might sound a little frustrating, but it eliminates the possibility of you being tempted by seeing the money in your account.

For Hunter Army Airfield in particular, there is older housing on post that does not charge the entire BAH. Think of the benefits of having your rent, water, and power covered PLUS getting a small amount of money back each month. You probably have 100 other things you’d love to use that money towards.

Being a renter in base housing means you don’t have to pay the cost when something breaks. You have help if the heat breaks in the middle of winter. You have a free fix if the sink starts leaking. Most base housing even offers free pest control!

What is the town like off base?

Living on base might be your best option of the area around base is unsafe or simply the middle of no where. I think living on base is almost like living in a neighborhood full of amenities without having to pay the HOA!

Splash pads, gas stations, fast food, golf courses, basketball courts, playgrounds, PX, Commissary, hotels, and more! Larger bases have multiple of those amenities! Think of the exercise and family time that could be spent just exploring base. If you chose to live off base, you know you would be paying top dollar for amenities like that.

The major benefits to base housing

As you can tell, living on base surely has its upsides! Whether or not you have the opportunity to live on base will truly come down to availability. Whenever you get your permanent relocation orders, make sure to contact housing at that new base. Some families get hit with a long waitlist! Remember- you can always start out living on base, save up your deployment money, and find yourself a house to buy or rent off base.

Can you think of any other aspects that helped you make the decision of whether or not your family would be living in base housing? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

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